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Rose Hips Recipes

Rose hips are the cherry-sized red fruits of the rose bush left behind after the bloom has died. Although nearly all rose bushes produce rose hips, the tastiest for eating purposes come from the Rosa rugosa variety. The flavor is described as fruity and spicy, much like the cranberry. Harvest the fruits after the first frost when they become fully-colored, but not overripe. They should yield to gentle pressure but not be soft or wrinkly. Most recipes advise removing the irritating hairy seeds before processing the fruit. When cooking with rose hips, do not use any metal pans or utensils other than stainless steel or risk discoloration of the fruit and loss of its precious vitamin C stores.

For you gardeners who are lucky enough to have this fruit in your garden, here are some rose hips recipes. You'll find more than just the basic jelly, although it is also included here. Enjoy!

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•  Rose Hip Syrup
•  Rose Hip Nut Bread
•  Kodiak Rose Hip Tea
•  Rose Hip Crumble Pie
•  Rose Hip Candy
•  Rosehip Jelly

A research student wrote me with the following cautionary note:
Anyone using rose hips for cooking should remove all the seeds. They are covered with sliver-hairs that, when ingested, irritate the digestive system and cause what the aboriginal people call "itchy bottom disease."

I was unable to find any information on this myself, but for what it's worth, here is the warning nonetheless. --Peggy

Rosehips Photo © 2012 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, licensed to About.com, Inc.

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