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Readers Respond: Do you like beans in your chili?

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From the article: Soup and Stew Cooking Tips
The experts and chili cook-off participants are adamant on the issue: No beans in chili! Do you like beans in your chili? If yes, what type of beans? What type of meat do you use? Beef and pork are favorites at the cook-offs, but you are only limited by your imagination. Some prefer ground beef, others swear by chunks of meat. Venison and chicken chilis are now quite popular. Spicy or not? Tell us what you think.

Now I understand...

This argument, based on the other comments, appears to be based on differences similar to those between many Americans regarding many other hotly debated subjects - that being perception of language or reality. The literal translation of chili con carne is "chili WITH meat", which to any educated person means the meat has been added to a chili which otherwise had none. The dictionary states that American english has shortened, Americans beign lazy, the words chili con carne to simply chili, but in Mexico the two are not synonymous. Chili was created by people in country situations who often had only beans and no access to meat, that is why, when they had meat to add to their bean chili, they added "con carne". However in the early ranching days of Texas, where people often had access to beef, but no beans combined with grammatical laziness, their chili con carne became simply chili. It is obviously an American error, like chow mein is. Chili is beans no meat and chili con carne has mea
—Guest Jbgiraffx

Ya' buncha' bean-eating heathens!

Saying "chili isn't chili without beans" is like saying "fine single malt scotch isn't fine single malt scotch unless you dilute it with water". If you can't afford enough meat to make a proper bowl of red try making spaghetti instead. ;-)
—Guest WuzYoungOnceToo

Definitely beans!

Small red beans, sometimes referred to as just red beans, not pinto, are the best for chili. They're easy to find in any grocery store.
—Guest Moses

Isn't that just texas?

I thought that in most of Latin America, beans has always been the way. Being in Europe, the chilli I make is 'styled' by the Argentinian Chilli con Carne, but Texas is kind of the home of chilli, so... do what the hell you like. Black eyed for me, or if I'm making loads Kidney too, adds variety.
—Guest conkers

I Like Both, But...

... chili with beans is the way to go for me. I personally love garbanzo beans in the mix. Personally, I find the attitude "chili isn't chili if it has beans" to be in the same vein as "my god is right and yours is wrong." Good chili is chili that tastes good to the people eating it, nothing more and nothing less.
—Guest OckhamsFolly

Beans, beans, their good for the heart..

The more you eat the... I'll stop there. Mom never made chili without beans and neither do I. Beans complement the meat texture so well. Pinto and/or black. Not a fan of kidney beans.
—Guest Kabramo

I don't want meat soup

Beans give chili so much more depth in terms of flavor, texture, nutrients... people who despise chili with beans are just stubborn traditionalists, who can't admit they're wrong. I use dark red kidneys with ground chuck and ground sirloin. I also make a killer venison chili with corn to cut through the gaminess .
—Guest NJSquatsnMilk

The solution

Chili fanatics say no beans--I made my chili bean-free for the chili cookoff--but also made an additional pot of chili beans using the same recipe--that way if you insist you can add beans you can--should be a winner for all in my book.
—Guest Tex


Being Tuscan, I love beans. Chili is good with or without them but I pre
—Guest ro354obert

Do you like beans in your chili?

If you where going to ask me, Yes I really like beans with chili
—Guest http://www.cooks-recipe.com

Beans in chili

No, no beans in chili. In addition it should be thick enough for your fork to stand up as the fork slowly disolves.
—Guest Don

Chili isn't chili w/o beans!

In the last few years, we've used a variety of beans in the same batch. It makes it more appelaing to the eye, and more texture & taste variety, too. Like a party in a pot!
—Guest Carrie

With beans!

Love it with beans. One time I even had to eat my chile cold in class. it was still very delicious!!
—Guest Cecilia

Beans In Chilli?

Red Beans are my favorite in Chilli with hamburger meat.


My mom's chili has always been the best to me; spicy, pinto beans, and ground beef
—Guest Maribel

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