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Readers Respond: Drummettes or Flatties - What are your favorite chicken wing parts?

Responses: 22


HOT Drummies

As hot as they can get, and I prefer the drummies - more meat. And only heat, no sweet!

Mo' Hot - Mo' betterer

Flat or drummies or both for me. The More hotter is definitely mo' betterer. If'n I ain't sweating by the 3rd bite, heck it ain't hot... break out the hot sauce
—Guest Tazman

All wings r good

i like hot and sweet. after baked or deep fried- i roll them in hot sauce and then roll again in Honey garlic sauce. i even do thighs this way,but roll in the mixed sauces then bake. mmmmm
—Guest Lana

Flatties are best and no sugar, please

If I'm having Buffalo style hot wings, I never, ever, want them the least bit sweet. Yuck. On the other hand, I like other sesonings even those that are are sweet and hot, just not in the guie of hot wings. Asian style, barbecue style, and with curry seasonings, yum. The drumettes are less likely to dry out if they aren't overcooked and don't sit around after cooking. But, the flatties are almost always the more moist of the two. My favorite wings aren't exactly traditional because they are fried in a batter and then slathered in Frank's or Louisiana Hot sauce. Publix, in Tampa, used to have them in their deli and on their catering trays and those are my favorite wings, bar none. That was long ago and far away, and I don't know how they prepare them now. The wings where I now live aren't prepared that way, sigh.

Flats are my fav.

But I will take them both/either/or; just as long as I get my wings! And I love Buffalo wings, the hotter the better, but I also like a lot of other types: garlic, teriyaki, oyster, sesame, with Lebanese garlic sauce, celery-salted, Italian herbs, lemon zested, with roasted red pepper sauce,etc. Please, just keep the wings coming!


I just love chicken wings. Both parts are great. And I like hot and spicy wings or sweet and sour,or even just baked and dipped in honey.
—Guest marjoycek

Hot and flavored...

I love traditional Buffalo wings, and I do like them hot! However, I also like garlic teriyaki and other flavors. One restaurant I frequent makes hot wings with minced garlic tossed in. It's the best of both worlds. As for the part of the wing, I am partial to the flat part. Seems to be more meat, and less dry. The drummies tend to be dry, which makes sense, since they are white meat. Luckily most of my friends like the drummies, which leaves me the flats. Some restaurants will even pick out all flats for me, since most people seem to prefer drummies. It will be interesting to read these responses.

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