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Readers Respond: Tell us your favorite Easter recipes

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Food is an important part of the Easter celebration, and these foods vary not only within the United States but throughout the world. Lamb, ham, and of course, colored hard-boiled eggs are the most popular in the US. What recipes are popular for Easter in your home? Share your thoughts on traditional Easter foods.

Easter Food

When I was a child, our traditional easter meal was ham, potato salad, grean bean caserole, rolls, brocolli caserole and various desserts.
—Guest sheila

Indian Easter

Easter for my family is Mums Chicken Biryani ( a spicy layered dish of rice and chicken curry baked in 1 pot) served with a Raita of yoghurt, tomatoes, onions , cucumber and coriander leaves. There's never room for dessert.
—Guest Wendy


Easter breakfast-- any fresh pork, fried, 2 boiled eggs, baked or boiled potato, mash up potato and egg together, pour some of the oil left from pork over potato and egg, add salt and pepper and eat with pork. This is very good to me.
—Guest Selma

Me too!

I'm with CG above, I almost always fix lamb for Easter, but I play around with recipes from all over the world,
—Guest Kevin

Ham again

Easter dinner means ham with a brown sugar glaze, candied sweet potatoes and green bean casserole at my house. I switch up the dessert depending on what I feel like making. Can't wait for ham sandwiches the next day...YUMO!!

Favourite Easter dishes

For me it starts with sliced spring radishes on well-buttered dark bread; clear beet borscht with no meat and garnished with dill, sour cream, cold potatoes, and hard-cooked egg; Baby lamb, roasted with rosemary

Easter dinner

For our family it's Ham, Kielbasa (both fresh and smoked) sourkraut, potato salad, hard boiled eggs and cheesecake. Yum! Sometimes "sledja" (herring)

According to your outstanding recipes!

Thank you very much! Please stay in the course! Bye!
—Guest florin.stanescu012487

Lamb tops my list

Lamb has always been on our table for Easter. It is usually roasted with baby new potatoes, carrots, and onions. We also usually pick up hot cross buns from the bakery because I am too lazy to bake them! Of course, there are the hard-boiled eggs which inevitably get turned into deviled eggs. --CG

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