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Readers Respond: Gas or Electric Stoves? Which do you prefer and why.

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From the article: Cooking with Appliances
Your stove is arguably the most important appliance in your kitchen. Having used both gas and electric stoves at home, I side with most professional chefs on choosing gas due to the quick response time. Which do you prefer and why? Have you tried the newer induction stoves? Share Your Opinion

replacing electric with gas

I have cooked on both. My glass top electric range just finally died so I am replacing it with a gas range. I am so happy to be going back to gas! Gas offers much more precise and immediate control, is less expensive, and offers the added benefit that if your power is off, you can still cook. I am SO happy to be returning to gas!
—Guest cookinwithgas


Electric are x1000 safer I forgot to turn it off for an hour, whereas if I did that will a gas stove I would be in series danger.
—Guest iogjiomjk

why does

few months ago I moved into a new house that has a gas stove.. everything is hooked up correctly and there's no problems with the stove itself.. but the food taste awful.. food is not burning.. but it tastes old and stale and it really makes me sick to my stomach.. any ideas of why? it's an older home probably about 90 stove gas stove.. thank you I've tried various different ways.. I'm at Baker and this doesn't make sense.. p.s it's basically the stove top that does that! thank you so much
—Guest debbie

gas or electric?

I do like cooking on gas. It's what we have at our beach house. Remodeling our home kitchen and after thorough researching have decided to stick with electric though. Despite improvements, gas still emits to many chemicals polluting the indoor often to levels beyond what would be acceptable for outside air by the EPA and is a genuine health concern for me given that I cook every single day, multiple times. Unless you've got a state of the art exhaust fan covering ALL the burners, it's not effectively removing the toxins. Have cooked on electric and gas both and don't see an inferior end result with electric as is suggested above. It's the cook, not the range!
—Guest Syb

Limitation of Induction

Induction stove has its limitation. The stove comes with special utensils and can only be cooked on them. Problems arose when I have to cook more or when I have to cook too less.
—Guest Swett

cant buy electric cooker

Trying to buy a proper electric cooker,just no more seem to be made with radiant rings,faster safer than gas. Had to buy a solid plate stove,takes ages to heat and cool,no control over temperature, so the only alternative is gas,dont like the fumes,heat and damp everywhere!
—Guest ray

Electric NOT necessarily cleaner

Electricity has to be generated. You think because you aren't emitting gases at the point of use there are none. But they are at the power plant. Besides, global warming is a hoax.
—Guest Not Mother Nature


Induction is as I understand incrdible. That said gas stoves you can control the food presisly, not so with standard electric ranges. It goes without saying clearly smooth top electric ranges would be easyer cleaning. What are your values? Quality of food or easyer maintence are the issues re. your cooking choices. I am not convinced there is any one final absalutly correct answer with this question. (Finally this like all or most other responses are largly sujective). If you want full expert advice I am shure you can find it. I do hope I was some help here although.
—Guest Don

The latest of course - Induction

The latest Cooktop - Induction - beats gas, electric hot plates, and even halogen cooktops. Most economical use of electric power. No heat losses, as top hasn't to be heated - electromagnetic current heats the (magnetic material) utensil directly, transferring heat to the contents - the ceramic top dosn't even get hot(no heating losses - higher efficiency) . Power levels can easily be controlled instantly by manipulating the magnetic wave output. Besides there are preset cooking functions with timer setting. Auto detection of utensil to start cooking. More functions can be found with usage and experimenting with different heating levels - high speed or slow cooking... to make most economical use of power, time... So, this is the best buy!
—Guest Sinclair Almeida


I dislike gas as I can't turn the burner on lowest and scorching or burner. Never had that problem with electric
—Guest jan soemake

electric efficient

I have used electric stove for 50 years it is perfect and all food or pastry all ways is perfect if you have trouble then your electric stove is no good
—Guest Nancy Pinto


About a year ago I bought a GE Induction cooking stove with convection oven. I am in love with the cook top, although I had to buy a new set of pans. The convection part is a mystery to me although I already had a convection oven before and loved it. This oven takes about 30 minutes to heat up to 350 degrees, so is very slow. I highly recommend the induction cook top cooking. Less heat in the kitchen and very easy to clean since nothing burns on the glass.
—Guest The Gnome

Old Style Electric

Old style electric is easy to clean and inexpensive compared to the alternatives. Burners unplug and can be washed and reinstalled after the cooktop is cleaned. If you have the money, go with induction as it is the best of both electric and gas.
—Guest John

Dorothy B.

I have had an electric stove over thirty years that was wonderful! My husband and I purchased a gas stove and all I have had is trouble. The top is very hard to clean. It takes longer than fifteen minutes to heat. I have burned my hands on pots. It appears longer to boil water, etc. More important is that I noticed the foods were taking longer to heat, wouldn't cook properly, even to a pot pie I made. We had three service calls. The oven gage read exactly with the service mans gauge. I bought a gas thermometer and tried again. The thermometer only read t hat our oven was heating to 350% and I was correct! Service came again tested and said the oven was fine and read up to 450%. Can the brand new gauge be wrong? Now the store has agreed to take the stove back and I can choose whatever I want. I am totally confused as I read more plus signs to gas than electric and fell did we have a lemon gas stove. Any suggestions? thanks! Bless you all!
—Guest Dorothy B.


Electric all the way....flat cooktop is so much easier to clean..I have never had any problems cooking or baking....and I am afraid of gas....I am sure that it also depends on the product purchased.....I love KitchenAid appliances.
—Guest Jo

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Gas or Electric Stoves? Which do you prefer and why.

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