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Readers Respond: Gas or Electric Stoves? Which do you prefer and why.

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From the article: Cooking with Appliances
Your stove is arguably the most important appliance in your kitchen. Having used both gas and electric stoves at home, I side with most professional chefs on choosing gas due to the quick response time. Which do you prefer and why? Have you tried the newer induction stoves?

nuwave induction cooktop

water heats fast can program cook time and temperature it does require special cookware
—Guest james welton

It all depends

Which is better. Depends on user to a large degree. Yes electric can be easier to clean for most spills. And electric can be better for baking. Gas is often preferred by many cooks, but this to some degree also depends upon your pots and pans. Gas generally is less costly to run and less impact on environment overall. Most homes today if built in last couple of decades likely have a whole house ventilation system, so any residual impact from gas is minimized if the system is working properly. I tried an induction, will not mention make or model, but nothing but trouble. Had main board replaced four times. Nice in theory but still some work to go for reliable implementation - but nice features for sure if and when they work. Gas will work during power outage which can be a benefit. Leakage of gas on newer units is not generally a large concern with safety features. The safest is induction - regular electric and gas is close (unless older gas units).
—Guest Tomcat

replacing electric with gas

I have cooked on both. My glass top electric range just finally died so I am replacing it with a gas range. I am so happy to be going back to gas! Gas offers much more precise and immediate control, is less expensive, and offers the added benefit that if your power is off, you can still cook. I am SO happy to be returning to gas!
—Guest cookinwithgas

domestic engineer

I would love an electric flat surface cooktop with a gas oven. If they exist, where can I get one?
—Guest K.M. Kruczek


I prefer gas cook tops and electric ovens. With gas cook tops I can control the temp. needed quickly. In the oven I need a constant temp. and electric seems to do better than gas there.
—Guest Lynda Estabrook


I preffer gas stoves as it is a lot easier to get the temps. right and cooking is faster.I have cooked almost 30 yrs. and i've used both.
—Guest thomas andrews

Gas stoves cook better

I have an electric stove. My mother has a gas stove. Gas oven cooking is definitely better. I find the item cooks more evenly. In my electric oven, I have to keep turning the pan around. If not, one side gets overcooked and the other side not cooked enough. This is especially true when baking cookies or cakes.
—Guest Kim S.

electric stoves

Much prefer the electric with the flat surface. Easier to clean.
—Guest Arnetta


I bought a GE induction cooking range delivered in Jan. LOVE IT!! It's better than gas in a lot of respects. I never want to go back. Much easier clean up that either gas or glasstop electric. The oven is slow to heat and the convection part is driving me crazy, but I'll get used to it.
—Guest gnome

Gas or Electric Stoves

Gas because not only has a faster response but it quits cooking once is turned off versus electric ones when you need to remove the pan. It also makes it is also more accurate to regulate the level of heat you need
—Guest Blanca Fife

gas vs electric

I have had both and gas is by far my choice. I have bottled gas. I live in an area where power outages are fairly common. I can always count on the gas to be there - electric is iffy. Also I didn't like electric - I believe it is less efficient nad much more difficult to adjust. Just look at t gas flame and you know what you have.
—Guest barb

I have tried hem all!!!

I have used them all..and my way is induction..I am very busy and gas stoves turn the heat down really fast and the inducton is not far behind. What I really hate is spending SOO MUCH time cleaning. The induction is wioped clean after every use in 2 seconds....and my pans are cleaner also.
—Guest Jacqueline

senior citizen

I've always liked the gas stove better. When I turn it off it's off. When you turn an electric stove off it continues to heat and if you don't take the pan off it could still boil over. I also think that gas is less expensive than electric.
—Guest oogie

gas over electric

I have a gas cooktop and an electric oven. We remodeled our kitchen over 10 years ago and I opted to instal a 4 burner gas cooktop and used a slide in electric oven. Electric ovens bake more evenly and a gas cooktop is much better than electric. I can adjust a flame some much more precise than an element.
—Guest mark05

Induction ranges

I thought these were just as responsive as gas stoves.
—Guest Mark

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