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Readers Respond: Gas or Electric Stoves? Which do you prefer and why.

Responses: 90



I hate electric it sucks takes forever to cook gas cooked foid taste alot better
—Guest Unknown


I am about to make a serious investment in a stove and don't know which decision to make. I like to 'specialise in making fine pastries as well as ordinary stuff, but which will give a better product...gas or electricity? I live in Eastern Europe where the price of gas is almost of no consequence and elctricity is dearer. I have always insisted that I want an electric oven but..... Can anyone advise me PLEASE? Thank you.Jackie
—Guest jackie


It's as simple as this. If your top priority is the end result of the food you cook (the quality and all), then choose GAS (much better control over the temperature). BUT if your MORE CONCERN with your HEALTH (and the health of others) and specially the ENVIRONMENT, then you know what to choose! You don't need to be a chef or a environmentalist to figure this out. LOL!
—Guest -Mother Nature-

Dual Fuel

I have a Dual Fuel range. Gas burners and electric oven. The best of both worlds.
—Guest Benjamin

Gas all the way..

Right now I am in an electric house. No gas whatsoever. Nothing gets cooked to the correct temperature
—Guest The rooster

Electric ofcourse..

An inductive surface elimminates the problem with afterheating and also uses less power than conventional electric stoves. Also i get nervous in houses that has gas in them as i fear leakage for some reason. In Sweden there is only a few really old houses at all in the entire country that has gas pipelines to them (less then a hundred buildings in total) so there is not much of a choise anyways. And gas is damn expensive.
—Guest Egon Ruuda

It really depends.

Gas stoves are great for cooking, but installation can be very difficult. Creating or modifying gas pipes can be an expensive operation. Most of the new houses and apartments has already the electric installation, so electric stoves/ovens can be easier to install and ready to use. On the other hand, electric stoves tend to be more expensive in the long run and cooking may be slower than gas, but for a person that is not expert in cooking this may be a good thing. If you are planning for business, then things are different. Gas is what you must have.
—Guest Sophie

Glass top

Have had both types. Yes, gas has more control, but the hours I raked up cleaning the gas stove and those awful electrical rings are now lost. Dump the gas top, stick with gas oven. Don't get caught up in the hype of red knobs.
—Guest p

Gas, gas, gas!

I've always had gas, with the exception of one apartment years ago, which had an electric stove. Seems everything either burnt or cooked unevenly, it took forever to heat up and and made cooking, which I usually enjoy, a largely unpleasent experience. Since then, it's been nothing but gas, and any apartment or condo I consider in the future, MUST have a gas stove; electric is an automatic dealbreaker.
—Guest Mar

Gas cooker

I much prefer cooking with gas my previous oven was electric never enjoyed using it, results are better with gas.
—Guest Rima

domestic engineer

I would love an electric flat surface cooktop with a gas oven. If they exist, where can I get one?
—Guest K.M. Kruczek


I prefer gas cook tops and electric ovens. With gas cook tops I can control the temp. needed quickly. In the oven I need a constant temp. and electric seems to do better than gas there.
—Guest Lynda Estabrook


I preffer gas stoves as it is a lot easier to get the temps. right and cooking is faster.I have cooked almost 30 yrs. and i've used both.
—Guest thomas andrews

Gas stoves cook better

I have an electric stove. My mother has a gas stove. Gas oven cooking is definitely better. I find the item cooks more evenly. In my electric oven, I have to keep turning the pan around. If not, one side gets overcooked and the other side not cooked enough. This is especially true when baking cookies or cakes.
—Guest Kim S.

electric stoves

Much prefer the electric with the flat surface. Easier to clean.
—Guest Arnetta

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Gas or Electric Stoves? Which do you prefer and why.

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