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Readers Respond: Gas or Electric Stoves? Which do you prefer and why.

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my gas stove keeps making thses "clicking" noises...when its not on...and its making me feel uncomfortable..u know the sound it makes when u turn it on to cook?yeah..well it generally makes ONE clicking noise every so often thru out the day..I do like my gas stove but not if its gunna blow up on me.should I get it checked or just spring 4 a new one? :-/

Will soon find out !

I have never used anything but electric, as that is always what there wask everywhere I have lived. I am in the process of moving and my new place has a propane stove and oven. I am very intimidated by it. nervous about leaks, odors, explosions. I dont even know how to turn it on/start it!! Lol. Its not new, no user manual around. It also needs a cleaning. Do I use just soap and water? I'm very nervous. I know most professionals prefer gas for cooking, so I am hoping to adjust well, without too many ruined meals. Lol with propane, should I expect an odor, like with the outdoor grill? is therea pilot light? I dont see one. There is a black lever on top of oven door that looks like a lock, for cleaning. Is that possible? Help....Lol Any advice?
—Guest Cheryl

gas vs electric oven

I have always raised my 7 kids on a gas oven. Having moved, my new oven is electric. I hate it. I have not been able to bake all the Christmas cookies, cakes, etc that I use to bake. For whatever reason, my cookies do not cook as fast and light as they use to. Should you turn up the heat in an electric oven? I dont know I have tried for over 10 years now and still can not get the right temps for my Mexican wedding cakes and gooey cake.
—Guest Fran Gruesser

gas is so much better!

I just moved to a new apartment and I miss my gas stove/range so much! I burn food so easily on these electric units. Safety-wise they are about the same. Sure, gas could explode. But an electric range could short and start a fire, too. Get a CO detector to be safe and don't worry about it. The post about gas fumes made me laugh a bit. If you can smell gas when cooking something is wrong with your stove, get the gas leak fixed! Natural gas has no smell on its own, the gas companies add sulfur to give it a bad smell specifically so you'll know if you have a leak. It's a safety precaution and if you ignore it and whine about the smell of gas, you're getting what you deserve.
—Guest Cooking away

Electric/ Ceramic

Electric is way cleaner - I love to cook and find a quality halogen/ceramic can't be beaten. No fumes so all I smell is aroma of fresh food & spices - not carbon monoxide & charred burners/ pan bottom- you really notice the difference. Plus 2 swipes and your hob is clean. Gas can be messy and all that combustion/ condensation etc. I find mine easy to control. Electricity is renewable energy (i.e. solar) - gas is not. Therefore... all that plus all the fumes means I prefer electric ; )
—Guest Ami

The best

The gas stove is better because. 1.It is not electric. 2. It takes long to heat up
—Guest Jean

Confused about gas and electric stove

I am now new to electric stove so no idea of cooking
—Guest Reshmi

Preferred electric stove

I preferred electric stove as it safe if we live in apartment buiilding if gas stove in apartment building tenants left the gas stove on by accident BOOM!!! exploded. So I preferred electric stove is safe living in apartment building or condo

Gas cookers? ya kidding

Electric stoves are the best!.I just came to Brazil for a visit from my home in Carlifornia.Gas stoves are so hot!! and very hard to maintain. Unlike the electric stoves at home which are so convenient. The only reason i kinda like gas stoves is b'cos food can be cooked at any time. But anyways i still prefer electric to gas. Maybe b'cos i'm not used to them.Lol.to every one!!
—Guest lila

Sticking with Electric

I've had better cooking results using a gas stove, but will not live in home with gas appliance again after carbon monoxide incident. So, now I'm learning to use the electric stove in my apt but I really don't have the knack of it yet. I have noticed that the temperature has to be adjusted lower for every recipe in the oven and stove top.
—Guest precook


Is there a stove that has both gas and electric burners??
—Guest jaynie

Depends how you cook

Gas gives you faster response when you want to change the heating rate. With electric, you have to wait for the element's thermal inertia to catch up. Electric heat is more spread out, so with gas you need better quality pans. There's not much heat in domestic gas flames so if you cook at high heats (like if you stir fry and sear a lot) you'll find that domestic gas ranges are too weak. Commercial-grade gas burners give much more heat because they burn much more gas.
—Guest R McD

I prefer Gas Stoves and ovens

I prefer the quality of meals and bakes done by gas. With my gas cooker, I get better reslts.I decided to get myself an electric oven because finding the best all-in-one gas cooker (gas tops,oven and gas house) was so difficult. So, I had to buy a glass table top 2 burner gas cooker and an electric oven. The food on the cooker is nice but the cakes in the electric oven turn to rocks after a day in the fridge.

Gas Stove

I prefer a Gas Stove or I should say one that I can use with Propane, since I live in the country and not able to get Natural Gas, Propane is the next best thing. Its and even heat and does not smell, and I can Bake very well with one. Sourdough Bread is my preferred choice to Bake.
—Guest Art Miller

Subtropical choice: Gas or Electric

We live in Taiwan (think Miami). My wife was raised on gas and I have learned to hate it. Grease everywhere, a kitchen so hot you can smoke a hams in February. The real problem is the brand, construction and design. We have oh so 'cool' German appliances. They are TERRIBLE. Everything is supposedly intuitive except for figuring what the squiggly lines mean. The oven is a failure, way too small, 13w-5d, and no where near hot enough to do a big bird properly for the holidays. We have three eyes on the range, not four, so much for urban chic. The worst is the grill layout. You must be ever so careful because if you aren't you hot pan will tip on you! Overall, it is a pain to cook with unless it is like a proper chef's range wherein the entire thing is one flat piece of stainless steel with the burners below. Now, that's "cookin'" the right way. Easy to clean and precise temp control. I was raised on an electric and do so dearly miss that concept of self-cleaning oven.
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