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Valentine's Day Recipes

Learn about food aphrodisiacs and how to cook a special meal for your loved one. Links to special recipes, entertaining tips, decorating ideas and more related to Valentine's Day.
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Foods of Love for Valentine's Day
Valentine history, tips on setting the mood, recipes and a list of known aphrodisiacs.

Valentine's Day Recipes
Cook up something special for your loved ones on Valentine's Day with these recipes.

Valentine's Day History
Historians have several views on the history of Valentine's Day. Most likely, all these stories merged together over the centuries to become the holiday we celebrate today. Learn about the history of Valentine's Day, including foods of love.

Set the Mood for Your Romantic Meal
Get tips and hints on making your Valentine's Day dinner or any romantic dinner a special one.

Foods of Love - Food as Aphrodisiacs
History is rife with the human pursuit of aphrodisiacs in many forms. Scientific tests have proven that some aromas can cause a greater effect on the body than the actual ingestion of foods. Here are some common foods of love used through the ages.

Valentine's Day Foods of Love Trivia
Try this Valentine's Day foods of love trivia game to find out how much you know about aphrodisiac foods.

Top 10 Cookbooks for Lovers
Put some romance in your life using recipes designed for love from a variety of romantic cookbooks.

Chocolate Recipes
What could be more appropriate for Valentine's Day than chocolate? These chocolate recipes include not only desserts, but also some savory foods.

Valentine's Day Cocktails
Planning a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day? Great drinks can compliment your meal and give you a chance to impress with your cocktail skills. Champagne makes an appearance in many of this drinks, as do many of the "love" foods like chocolate and strawberry.

Dinner for Two
Our Southern Cuisine Guide helps you plan an entire romantic meal with tips and a selection of recipes.

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