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Sweet Potato Recipes - Yam Recipes

These potatoes with a sweet flesh are popular not only in savory recipes, but also desserts. These recipes all use sweet potatoes or yams as an ingredient.
  1. Sweet Potato Casserole Recipes

All About Sweet Potatoes and Yams
Yam or sweet potato, what in the world is it? Many people use these terms interchangeably both in conversation and in cooking, but they are really two different vegetables. Learn about these sweet vegetables and the difference between them before trying one of the many sweet potato and yam recipes.

Beef Brisket with Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Cooked long and slow, beef brisket becomes incredibly tender. This recipe makes its own sweet and sour pan gravy. The sweet potatoes are roasted along with the brisket for extra flavor.

Bourbon Stout Yam Waffles Recipe
Stout beer gives a wonderful yeasty flavor to waffles while the yams add a gentle sweetness. These are great for breakfast, but also good for dinner as a change of pace.

Chicken Poached in Coconut Curry Recipe
Curry paste spices up chicken poached in coconut milk with sweet potatoes and cilantro. Make sure you use coconut milk and not coconut water or coconut cream. Serve with greens or a salad for a full meal.

Company Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Sweet potatoes, orange juice, onion, and sour cream are combined for mashed potatoes that are perfect for special guests or any meal.

Cranberry Yam Casserole Recipe
Take a break from yams with marshmallows and try this recipe. Cranberries, oranges, Grand Marnier, pecans, and spices make a wonderful addition to yams or sweet potatoes. It is easy to make and makes an impressive presentation.

Curried Apple and Sweet Potato Soup Recipe
Apples and sweet potatoes meld harmoniously into this soup flavored with curry, cinnamon, ginger, and soy sauce. Plan ahead to soak the raisins in beer for at least 30 minutes before beginning.

Double Potato and Halloumi Bake Recipe
Caramelized red onions and garlic mix with sweet potatoes, red potatoes, bell peppers, and cheese to make a tasty and colorful side dish. If you are unable to find halloumi cheese in specialty markets, you may substitute feta cheese or omit it altogether.

Ginger Chicken & Yams Recipe
Yams, ginger, chicken, and red onions are quickly sauteed and cooked with a homemade sweet and sour Oriental sauce.

Ginger Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe
Crystallized ginger spikes the flavor of moist spiced sweet potato muffins. Serve these delicious muffins for breakfast, brunch, snack, or even as a dessert.

Ham and Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe
Sweet potatoes are seasoned with nutmeg and orange peel then layered with ham and mustard. Baked and topped with sesame seeds, this dish is sure to please family or guests.

Maple Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Raisins, maple syrup, and apple juice flavor candied sweet potatoes made in the crockpot. This is a great recipe for holidays because the crockpot frees up your oven for other dishes.

Maple Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Twice-baked sweet potatoes are stuffed with the flavors of maple syrup, nutmeg, and walnuts. They are quickly cooked in the microwave and finished in the oven. Eat the skin along with the flesh for extra nutrition and fiber. If you are allergic to nuts, simply omit them. Adjust this recipe up or down in number to suit your needs. A toaster oven works well for 1 or 2 sweet potatoes.

Molasses Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Idaho potatoes and sweet potatoes are combined with molasses, butter, and sour cream. This combination is a nice change from traditional mashed potatoes.

Peach Yam Casserole Recipe
Take a break from traditional sweet potatoes and yams at Thanksgiving and try this version with peaches. This recipe uses canned yams (sweet potatoes) and peaches, but you can also use home-baked or boiled yams and fresh peaches.

Pork, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Stew Recipe
Sweet potatoes and black beans enrich this hearty pork stew, completely made in the microwave. Orange juice and honey, along with the sweet potatoes, lend a hint of sweetness to the stew.

Raspberry Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Sweet potatoes become a real treat with the simple additions of butter, brown sugar, and raspberries. This dish is incredibly easy to put together and makes a nice change from traditional sweet potato casseroles.

Red Flannel Hash Recipe
This recipe combines veggie bacon or smoked tofu, onion, sweet potatoes, and beets for a hearty breakfast meal or a side dish.

Risotto with Yam Puree, Kale, and Smoked Mozzarella Recipe
Yams and kale give a Southern touch to creamy rice risotto with mozzarella cheese. Because mozzarella is stringy by nature, be sure to use shredded rather than cubed cheese. And remember, risotto requires constant attention and stirring, but it is well worth the exercise.

Roast Chicken with Cranberry Gravy Recipe
Chicken is roasted with herbs and sweet potatoes and accompanied by a low-fat cranberry gravy.

Rock Cornish Hens with Sweet Potatoes Recipe
These rock Cornish hens with fruit, sweet potatoes, and Grand Marnier are a quick meal in the pressure cooker.

Sage-Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Fresh sage leaves are stuffed under the skin of the chicken to slowly release flavor while roasting on top of a bed of brown sugar sweet potatoes and onions.

Skinny Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Chicken broth takes the place of butter and adds flavorful dimension to low-fat mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes or yams may be substituted for the potatoes.

Sweet Potato & Leek Gratin Recipe
Creamed leeks and garlic are the perfect complement to sweet potatoes in this wholesome casserole. Currants or prunes and fresh thyme give added sweetness and depth.

Sweet Potato & Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk Recipe
Ellery Hollingsworth, of the US 2010 Winter Olympics Snowboard Team soars in the kitchen as well as on the slopes with this delicious chunky chicken soup. Ellery likes spending time in the kitchen with her Mom, and this is one of her favorite recipes. The soup gets a hint of natural sweetness from the apples and sweet potatoes, plus a little kick from ginger, garlic, and chiles. It makes a perfect heart-warming meal for a cold winter's day.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito Recipe
Vegetarian burritos are filled with a puree of sweet potatoes, black beans, onions, chiles, garlic, and cilantro. They are rolled up like enchiladas and baked. Serve topped with homemade salsa.

Sweet Potato and Carrot Pie Without the Crust Recipe
Pureed sweet potatoes, carrots, raisins, and yogurt are cooked in the microwave for a meal your baby is sure to love. The dish is completely cooked in the microwave. Use a microplane to make quick work of grating the carrots.

Sweet Potato and Orange Gratin Recipe
Sweet potato gratin is baked with orange juice, brown sugar, and walnuts. The dish will keep for 2 days in the refrigerator and is easily reheated in the microwave.

Sweet Potato and Turkey Croquettes Recipe
This is a great recipe for leftover turkey and potatoes. You can also substitute ham, duck, chicken, or goose for the turkey.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Nut Cake Recipe
Rich and delicious spice cake pairs sweet potatoes with chocolate for an enticing dessert.

Sweet Potato Jam Recipe
This recipe uses Caribbean sweet potatoes called boniato. The jam is best stored in the refrigerator and used within 5 days.

Sweet Potato Pecan Ice Cream Recipe
Sweet potatoes, pecans, and condensed milk are the basis of this unusual ice cream dessert. This recipe requires an ice cream machine.

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie Recipe
This twist on traditional shepherd's pie uses ground beef, sweet potatoes, spinach, and hard-boiled eggs. If you do not choose to pipe the potatoes on top, simply spoon them into a smooth layer. Ground chuck is preferred for its richer flavor, but you may substitute lean ground beef, if you must.

Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe
Sweet potatoes are lightly spiced and topped with a brown sugar pecan crumble topping. This is a delightful change from traditional candied yams or mashed sweet potatoes. It is quite easy to make and is sure to impress. Feel free to substitute your own homemade mashed sweet potatoes for the canned ones.

Sweet Potato, Corn and Kale Chowder Recipe
This vegetarian chunky soup filled with carrots, sweet potatoes, tomato, corn, and kale is hearty enough to be a main meal. The cashews add extra protein and thickening power. However, they may be omitted for those with nut allergies. The ingredient list may appear daunting, but this soup is extremely simple to make and does not take long. You do not have to be vegetarian to enjoy this one.

Sweet Potato, Lamb, and Sausage Stew Recipe
Thick and hearty lamb and sausage stew is rounded out with sweet potatoes and a hint of ginger. Beef may be substituted for the lamb, if you wish. This stew makes a filling one-pot meal.

Sweet Potatoes in Date Sauce Recipe
Sweet potatoes are sauteed with pineapple and dates for a deliciously different side dish. The dish may be made in advance and reheated in the oven.

Tipsy Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Whiskey makes mashed sweet potatoes a bit tipsy. They are sweetened with brown sugar and topped with pecans and/or marshmallows. Although much of the alcohol in the whiskey will burn off, the rich flavor will remain. This is a nice change from traditional sweet potatoes.

Whipped Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Twice-baked sweet potatoes get natural sweetness from maple syrup and apples. Plan ahead to bake the potatoes before mashing for this casserole. Do not peel and slice the apple until just before you are ready to bake the dish in order to avoid discoloration due to exposure to the air.

Winter Vegetable Chowder Recipe
Low-fat and full of parsnips, sweet potato, broccoli, and ricotta cheese, this simple creamy vegetable soup is a winter delight.

Yam Biscuits Recipe
Yams or sweet potatoes make a wonderful breakfast biscuit popular in Cajun country. Leftover biscuits can be wrapped in plastic, then unwrapped and reheated for 4 to 5 minutes in a hot oven.

Yam Streusel Coffee Cake Recipe
Yams, orange juice, and spices flavor this delicious cake topped with streusel. Use canned yams or cook and mash fresh ones.

Yam Yeast Bread Recipe
Beautiful and delicious yeast bread gets its slightly sweet flavor naturally from yams. The bread also gets a slight kick of flavor from white pepper and spices. Sweet potatoes may be substituted for the yams.

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