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Super Bowl Party Recipes

Cook up some great eats for your Super Bowl party with these recipes, planning tips, and quick finger food ideas.

Loco Taco Meatball Poppers Recipe
Little spicy taco meatballs are hidden inside chile cornbread muffins for the perfect bite-sized party appetizer for Super Bowl or any party.

Appetizer Recipes
Tired of serving the same old thing at your Superbowl party? You'll find nearly 100 appetizer recipes here, from hot to cold. Many of these unusual recipes will not be found elsewhere.

Cheesy Sausage Stars Recipe
Sausage Stars Recipe. Crispy baked wonton cups are filled with a cheesy sausage, onion, and garlic mixture. Great finger food appetizer for Superbowl parties or any other special occasion.

Chicken Wing Recipes - Buffalo and other styles
Chicken wings have become a real favorite of sports enthusiasts, perfect finger food for the Superbowl. In days past, chicken wings used to be relegated to the soup pot, but that was before Buffalo Wings became the rage. Learn the history of this hot dish and how it has evolved into many new versions.

Cooking for a Crowd
If you are expecting a big crowd for your Superbowl party, be sure to read here to get tips on preparing volume meals as well as recipes.

Dips and Spreads Recipes
This collection includes recipes for hot and cold dips and spreads, including some sweet offererings for dessert dips and spreads. Perfect for any party.

Hot Dogs, Weiners, and Frankfurters
Hot dogs, red hots, weiners, franks, no matter what you call them, history and recipes for a truly American food icon. Make hot dogs the main event at your Superbowl party by cooking them in beer and setting up a condiment bar.

Meatball Sliders Recipe
These meatball sliders go quick at parties, and they are such an easy appetizer to make. You may use frozen meatballs from the market or your own homemade meatballs.

Pat Recipes
Pat is not limited to liver or even poultry. You can create impressive pat from meat, seafood, and vegetables. Most are very simple to prepare. Try some new recipes for the ultimate appetizer.

Pizza Recipes
Pizza is the ultimate party food. Wow your guests with a variety of pizzas or let them custom make their own.

Shish Kebabs
Kebabs are versatile enough to serve to guests or family while pleasing vegetarians to meat-lovers. Shish kebabs can be cooked on the grill or on a rack in the oven.

Sparerib Recipes
Barbecued spareribs are perhaps the favorite, but you don't necessarily have to own a grill to enjoy spareribs. Should you boil or not? Find out how to cook spareribs in the oven or outdoors.

Superbowl Recipes and Quick Party Food Tips
Cook up some great eats for your Superbowl party with these recipes and quick ideas, including lots of finger foods.

Taco Meatballs Recipe
Taco Meatballs Recipe. It's all of your favorite taco flavors wrapped up in a meatball! Serve as an appetizer or as an entree with Spanish-style rice on the side. You can even use the mixture as a meatloaf.

Tailgate Party Recipes
These tips and recipes are not only good for tailgate parties, but for any outing. Good finger food recipes.

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