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Recipe Substitutions

Substitutions for recipe ingredients for home cooking purposes.

Alcohol Substitutions for Cooking
This chart gives suggestions for substitutes for various alcoholic ingredients in your recipes.

Herb Substitution Chart
This chart will help you find suitable substitutions for a variety of herbs.

Spice Substitution Chart
Whether you've run out of a spice or just don't care for the one that's called for in the recipe, this chart will help you find a suitable substitution.

Can to Cups
Need to know how many cups are in different can sizes? This chart helps you convert cans to cups.

Heirloom Recipe Conversions and Substitutions
Why doesn't your recipe taste like Grandma's? Learn why and how to convert those heirloom recipes to use today.

Heirloom Weights & Measures
This chart will help you decipher those oftimes cryptic instructions in heirloom recipes from days gone by.

Cooking with Sugar Substitutes
Information and tips on cooking with sugar substitutes in handy chart form.

Adapting And Altering Recipes
The Culinary Cyber-Sleuth has an interesting article on remaking recipes with various substitutions and/or reductions.

Cook's Thesaurus Substitutions
Cook's Thesaurus has literally thousands of substitution suggestions, including fruits, meats, herbs, and much more. Cream of the crop!

Fat Substitutions
Fabulous Foods has suggestions on substitions to reduce the fat in your foods.

Healthy Baking Substitutions
The electronic Gourmet Guide provides suggestions on ingredient substitutions to lighten up your baked goods.

Ingredient Substitutions
Kansas State University's ingredient substitution chart is hyperlink-indexed with alphabetical listings in a nice chart.

Ingredient Substitutions
Land O Lakes has information on ingredient substitutions from alcohol to molasses.

Ingredient Substitutions & Equivalents
Mississippi State Extention Service has an easy-to-read chart of substitutions for foods, herbs and spices.

Sweetener Substitutions
NDSU Extension Service gives alternative substitutes for refined sugar in baked goods, including info on how it affects the final product.

Vegetarian Substitutions
Vegetarian Times has suggestions on meat substitutions for vegan, low-fat, yeast-free, allergy, ethnic, and alcohol-free vegetarian diets.

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