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St. Patrick's Day Recipes and Cooking

Acquaint yourself with the many different foods of Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or every day. Learn about traditional foods and dishes and experience the recipes.

St. Patrick's Day History and the Whiskey Connection
Why is drinking associated with St. Patrick's Day? Learn the history of St. Paddy's day and the whiskey connection. Then cook up some whiskey recipes.

Irish Food Glossary and Recipes
A glossary of traditional Irish foods along with sample recipes for each listing.

Irish Food History
Irish food is much more than potatoes. Learn about the history of the foods of Ireland before cooking up some favorites.

This ancient vegetable has a lot of interesting history and lore backing it up. It's also packed with vitamins, making it one of the most nutritious vegetables. With a little imagination, you can make cabbage rise above such common dishes as cole slaw, sauerkraut, and corned beef's partner.

Corned Beef
Although corned beef did not technically originate in Ireland, it is still enjoyed for many Irish celebrations. Brisket recipes also included.

Cooking with Beer
With new studies showing beer is actually healthy, why not eat your beer? Learn about cooking with beer, and try some of the many different recipes.

Irish Stew
This peasant dish is still popular whether you like the bare bones basic version or one of today's gourmet variations.

Lamb and Mutton
History, information and recipes to make lamb a favorite in your home.

Soups may be the most popular use of leeks, but new food combinations are bringing the leek more into the gourmet limelight. Find out why leeks have always been popular in Europe and the Mediterranean, with lots of recipes to try.

Oatmeal Recipes, Equivalents and Cooking Instructions
Oatmeal recipes and cooking instructions. Learn about oatmeal and how to cook with it in many recipes.

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