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Spice Recipes and Cooking Information

Spice recipes and cooking information. Spices not only give flavor and spark to our foods, many also have medicinal qualities. Learn about the history of spices, selection, storage, and usage with many recipes.
  1. Herb Recipes and Cooking...

Allspice Cooking Tips, Measures, and Substitutions
Learn how to cook with allspice, including how to measure and substitute for ground allspice and whole allspice berries.

What is allspice?
Allspice is a popular spice in Caribbean and Latin savory dishes as well as in desserts. Learn all about allspice and how to cook with allspice.

Cinnamon and Cassia Recipes and Cooking Information
Did you know that most commercial cinnamon sold is actually cassia? Learn about cinnamon and cassia history, selection, storage, usage, and plenty of recipes to try.

Cilantro / Coriander Recipes and Cooking Information
Coriander is the seeds of the cilantro plant which taste completely different than the herb. Sometimes both the plant and the seeds are referred to as coriander. Learn about cilantro, how to store it, and get some cooking tips.

Ginger Recipes and Cooking Information
Ginger can add a wonderful zing to all types of dishes, from salads to entrees. Put a little zest into your life with ginger by learning its history and some innovative uses shown in the featured recipes.

Mustard and Mustard Seed Recipes and Cooking Information
Most of us are used to standard yellow prepared mustard, but there are many wonderful varieties of seeds and prepared mustards to experiment with. Mustard is the second most-used spice in the USA. Find out why and how to make your own at home.

Nutmeg Storage, Selection, and Cooking Tips
Fresh-grated nutmeg is miles above commercially-ground. Learn how to select, store, and cook with nutmeg.

Paprika Selection - How to Choose the Right Paprika
Whether you like hot or sweet paprika, learn how to choose the right paprika for your recipe and what it is made of.

Paprika Storage and Cooking Tips
Paprika loses flavor and color when improperly stored. Learn how to cook with paprika.

Peppercorn and Pepper Cooking Tips
Why use white pepper? Find out and get more pepper cooking tips.

Peppercorn and Pepper Varieties
There are many peppercorn varieties and colors from which to choose, but some cause allergic reactions. Learn more.

Popular Spice Mixes and Spice Mix Tools
Find out the best tools to make homemade spice mixes and which spice mixes are most popular.

Saffron Recipes and Cooking Information
The tiniest amount of saffron goes a long way. So in spite of it being the world's most expensive spice, it is still within the budget of the home cook. Learn about how to cook with saffron and try some new recipes.

Salt Cooking Tips and Hints
How to fix an oversalted recipe and more tips on using salt in recipes.

Salt Varieties and Types
What type of salt should you use? Get guidelines on salt usage in cooking.

Spice Blends and Mixes
Find out how to make your own spice blends and mixes at home with many recipes. These also make great gifts for special occasions.

Spice Mix Chart
Ever wonder what's in your favorite commercial spice mix? This handy chart gives basic ingredients for some widely-used spice blends.

Spice Pantry Basics
If you are just setting up house, you'll need to keep some basic herbs and spices on hand to be prepared for any recipe. You'll also find links to other pantry basics such as condiments, various food staples, and refrigera0or/freezer items to keep stocked in your kitchen.

Spice Recipes
If you like certain spices and would like to try more recipes, take a look at this recipe collection that focuses on specific spices.

Spice Substitution Chart
Whether you've run out of a spice or just don't care for the one that's called for in the recipe, this chart will help you find a suitable substitution.

Turmeric Recipes and Cooking Information
Turmeric is often confused with and substituted for the more expensive saffron, because not only does it have a very strong flavor, it also turns foods a golden yellow color. Turmeric is frequently misspelled as tumeric, omitting the first letter r. Learn about this pungent spice and how to use it in a variety of recipes.

What is turmeric? Spice FAQ
What is turmeric? The answer may be found here.

What is MSG? What is monosodium glutamate?
What is MSG? What is monosodium glutamate?

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
This excellent spice reference includes information on 113 spices with information on usage, history, and reference photos and graphics.

McCormick Spices Recipes
Searchable recipe database from McCormick Spices, along with emergency substitution chart, spice chart and more.

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