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Honey Tips and Hints

Honey may be substituted for sugar in most recipes.


honey for recipes


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Honey Tips and Hints

• It's very easy to substitute honey for sugar in your recipes. Honey is up to twice as sweet as table sugar, so you will need to reduce the amount called for in the recipe by one-third to one-half honey for granulated or table sugar. In addition, since honey is composed of up to 18% water, you will need to reduce the liquid called for in baked goods by about one-fifth.

• When baking sweets, you should also lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees F. (15 degrees C.).

• If you are measuring honey by weight, 1 cup will weigh 12 ounces.

• To help that honey slide smoothly from your measuring utensils, simply lightly coat the utensil with a vegetable spray before measuring the honey.

• Unless the recipe calls for sour milk or cream, some cooks add the merest pinch of baking soda to the recipes of baked goods to counteract the slight acidity of the honey which may cause overbrowning.

• Since it has the ability to absorb and retain moisture, honey is used in the industry to keep baked goods moist and fresh. Use honey in baked goods you plan to mail to keep them bakery-fresh.

• Honey is also an excellent choice to use in salad dressings, since its emusifying qualities make it a perfect stabilizer.

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