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Maple Syrup Grades and Quality Standards

Grading standards vary from state to state


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Maple Syrup

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Maple Syrup Grades

In general, the lighter the color of maple syrup, the more delicate the flavor. The United States has some basic grading standards based on color and flavor.

US Grades of Maple Syrup

US Grade AA Light Amber (Fancy)
A light amber colored syrup with a mild flavor, usually made from the first brief flows of the season. Considered the highest grade.

US Grade A Medium Amber
Medium amber color and pronounced maple flavor. A good general usage syrup delicate enough to be used with subtle flavors but is generally used as a table syrup.

US Grade A Dark Amber
Deep color with a flavor likened to caramel. Some find it a bit too strong in flavor for general usage but it can be used like Medium Amber grade.

US Grade B
Very dark amber, less sweet with a robust, molasses-like flavor recommended primarily for baking. This is the least expensive variety. Also known as Grade C in Vermont.

Individual states also have their own grading standards. Canadian Grades also differ which can add to the confusion. Check the label to find out the manufacturing location.

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