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Pizza Cooking Equipment

Proper cooking equipment will make your pizza a success


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Pizza Cooking Equipment

To avoid a soggy crust, most pizza afficionados recommend a pizza stone, and I wholeheartedly agree. The stone absorbs moisture from the dough and provides a uniformly heated surface which results in a crispier crust. The stone should be preheated for an hour before placing the pizza in for baking. Note: Do not use oil on a pizza stone as it can ignite at high temperatures. Follow manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning.

If you do not want to use a stone, consider a pizza screen. The screen is simply a round framed screen that permits air to circulate under the crust to give it a nicely-baked bottom. If you prefer a deep-dish pizza, you may wish to invest in a deep-dish pan. If you use a standard pizza pan, do not use a shiny one. A dark, seasoned surface produces a superior crust.

When using a stone, a pizza peel (a large, flat wooden paddle) makes handling the pizza a snap. A large pizza wheel cutter will help you cut your pizza, but if you have none and/or your pizza is a bit too soggy to effectively use a wheel, use kitchen scissors. The true pizza gourmand has a home pizza oven.

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