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School Lunches - Lunchbox Goodies

Know your child's tastes and build from there


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Lunchbox Recipes and Tips

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Although good ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are actually a nutritious lunch choice, many kids tire of the same thing day after day. Find out how to liven up those school lunchboxes, so they don't end up in the trashcan.

Know your child's tastes

So, you pack your child's lunch, diligently balancing the offerings to comply with the Food Pyramid Guidelines. Very good! But, how to you know it's not ending up in the trashcan in the cafeteria?

One of the most obvious points is to not only know, but acknowledge the tastes of your child. If Johnny won't eat carrots at home, he's certainly not going to eat them at school. Ask your child what he/she would like for lunch, and let them get involved in the planning and packing process. Plan lunches in advance, and preferably pack them up the night before, if possible.

Let your child help pick out the lunchbox. If your child is embarassed by her lunchbox, chances are it will stay hidden and untouched in the locker or cubbyhole. Choose a lunchbox with a Thermos and an insulated section where you can put cold foods.

During warm seasons, freeze juice or drink boxes the night before to be used to keep foods cold. They will thaw by lunchtime, while doing double-duty keeping companion foods chilled. Or, you can also invest in miniature "blue ice" coldpacks in the sporting goods department of your local department store.

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