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Food Preparation Techniques

Specific food preparation resources and information.
  1. Recipe Photo Tutorials (18)

Crockpot Conversion Tips
Information on how to convert oven recipes for use in the crockpot. Includes tips, hints, time conversions, and general cooking times for many specific foods.

Heirloom Recipe Conversion Tips
Need help figuring out weights and measures in Grandma's heirloom recipes? This chart will help you understand those oftimes cryptic instructions.

Home-Cured Olives
If you have an olive tree or access to fresh olives, try your hand at curing your own olives at home. Four recipes.

How To Cook
Quick, down and dirty instructions and tips on how to make various foodstuffs such as almond milk, croutons, vanilla extract, herb-infused vinegar and more.

Leavening Agents
Don't know your baking powder from your baking soda? Find out how different leavening agents work.

A to Z Recipes and Food
All recipes and articles listed alphabetically to make your search easier when looking for a specific food, recipe, or cooking method. Simply click on the letter of your search term at the top of the page to find the listings.

Seasoning Cast Iron
Detailed instructions, tips and hints on how to season and use a cast iron skillet/pot from Chef John Folse.

Healthy Recipe Modification
Preparing Healthy Food: How To Modify A Recipe for healthier eating.

Reconstituting Dried Foods
Guidelines on the reconstitution of dried foods, along with some recipes using dried foods.

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