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Cornish Hen Cooking Tips and Hints

Most chicken recipes can be adapted for Cornish hens


Roasted cornish hens
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Cornish Hen Cooking Tips and Hints

Rock Cornish game hens look just like miniature chickens, and the flavor is the same. They weigh in from one to two pounds, but the standard is about 1-1/4 pounds.

The meat to bone ratio is small, making one game hen the perfect serving size for most people. If you are serving a lot of courses or side dishes, you will most likely only need to plan one-half hen per person. They are easy to split in half before cooking, since the bones are not strong.

Roasting is the best preparation method for Cornish hens, although braising and sauteeing will also work. Stuffed and glazed with any variety of fillings and sauces, these tiny delights are sure to bring a smile to the palate. The giblets can also be used just as standard poultry giblets in gravies and such.

If you are using stuffing, plan on one cup per game hen. Do not stuff them until just before you put them in the oven to avoid any potential for salmonellosis food poisoning.

Cornish game hens are as versatile as regular whole chickens, but give an elegant touch to your menus. You can adapt your favorite whole chicken recipe for use with game hens with little fuss.

The cornish hen recipes in the collection do specify game hens, but feel free to also adjust them for use with standard whole chickens.

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