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Nut Recipes and Cooking Information

Nuts have been a food staple since caveman days. Learn about the various edible nuts, how to cook with nuts. Plenty of nut recipes.

Hazelnut and Filbert Cooking Tips, Measures, and Substitutions
Learn how to measure and substitute hazelnuts and filberts, plus cooking tips.

Why are hazelnuts called filberts?
Why are hazelnuts called filberts?

Cashews Cooking Tips and Measures
Cashews get soft in baked goods. Get tips on cooking with cashews and how to measure them.

Walnut Varieties
Persian or English walnut varities are the most delectable. Find out what type of walnuts you need for your recipes.

Pine Nut Tips and Measures
Get tips on how to cook with pine nuts, plus measures and substitutions.

Raw Chestnuts
Learn how to roast, boil, and grill chestnuts, plus other chestnut cooking tips.

Raw Chestnuts
Find out why you must not eat raw chestnuts and how chestnuts grow on trees.

Pecan Measures and Cooking Tips
Find out how many pecans you need for your recipes along with cooking tips such as how to toast pecans and more.

Pecan Harvesting and Grades
Learn how many pecans are in a pound and how they are graded and harvested.

Macadamia Nuts Cooking Tips
Macadamia Nuts Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn how to cook with macadamia nuts.

Almond Forms and Products
Almond Forms and Products. Choose the proper form of almonds for your recipe.

Walnut Recipes and Cooking Information
Walnut recipes, history, storage, usage, and cooking tips, plus information on black walnuts.

Nut Recipes
Plenty of nut recipes from almonds to walnuts, many of which you will not find elsewhere.

Almond Recipes and Cooking Information
Not just for sweets, the almond gives a classy touch to savory dishes as well. Almonds are also healthy, but those with cold sores need to steer clear. Find out why and try one of the many almond recipes.

Cashew Recipes and Cooking Information
The sweet, buttery-tasting cashew hits the spot as a snack. Seems like we've always enjoyed them, but widespread cultivation of cashews is a twentieth century innovation. Long a favorite in South American, Indian, and Asian cuisines, the rest of the world is finally catching on to the pleasure of cashews in savory dishes. Many recipes.

Chestnut Recipes and Cooking Information
Although they are wonderful straight from the oven or fireplace, you can make use of the winter chestnut crop in many ways, both sweet and savory. History, usage and recipes included.

Coconut Recipes and Cooking Information
Fresh or packaged coconut, get the inside scoop on history, lore, selection, and storage, along with many recipes, both sweet and savory.

Hazelnuts and Filberts
Hazelnuts have long been a favorite in desserts and pastries. Now they are branching out into savory recipes, giving a nutty lift to meats, seafoods, and vegetables. Why are hazelnuts also called filberts? Learn about hazelnuts and filberts, how to store them, and get some cooking tips before delving into the hazelnut recipes.

Macadamia Nut Recipes and Cooking Information
The macadamia nut is closely associated with Hawaii but originated in Australia. It is now more affordable than ever and lends a touch of grandeur to desserts, breads and seafood. Many recipes.

Pecan Recipes and Cooking Information
Pecans were once a survival food for Native Americans. Today's cuisine includes not only desserts, but also many savory recipes for the pecan.

Peanut Butter Recipes and Cooking Information
An American-born comfort food, it's not just for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as you will see from the many innovative recipes.

Pine Nuts Recipes and Cooking Information
Pine nuts are eaten by many cultures around the world, thus they are known by many names, including pignolas, pinon, pignoli, and more. Probably the most popular use is in pesto or as a crunchy salad topper, but they are also good in desserts. Learn about pine nuts, and get some cooking tips before delving into the pine nut recipes.

Pistachio Recipes and Cooking Information
Much more than ice cream and a good snack, learn about pistachios and how to use them in recipes.

Walnut Recipes and Cooking Information
Find out the difference between walnuts and black walnuts. Learn about the illustrious history of walnuts plus many recipes to try.

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