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Sour Cream Tips and Hints

With care, sour cream may be used as a sauce thickener


Bowl of sour cream
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Sour Cream Tips and Hints

• Although sealed sour cream may be stored up to two weeks beyond the sell-by date, it will lose flavor as it ages.

• Sour cream should always be kept refrigerated.

• Do not use the carton as a serving container. Remove what you need and return the carton to the refrigerator immediately.

• You may notice some liquid separation in sour cream after opening. You can either pour off the liquid or stir it back in.

• Pink or green scum is an indicator of spoilage. Toss it out.

• Before adding to any hot liquid, bring sour cream to room temperature.

• Sour cream used as a thickener for hot sauces can easily curdle if the temperature is too high. Remove the food from the heat before stirring in the sour cream or add it during a very low simmer.

• Add 1 tablespoon of flour to 1/2 cup of sour cream used as a thickener to discourage curdling.

• Sour cream is not a candidate for freezing because it separates when thawed.

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