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Weights, Measures, Calculators & Convers

Measures, calculators, and terms to help convert your recipes.
  1. Food Equivalents (32)

Recipe Calculator Converter - Measure Conversions for Recipes
Use this calculator to convert different measures of ingredients such as metric to ounces, ounces to cups, and more.

Can to Cups
Need to know how many cups are in different can sizes? This chart helps you convert cans to cups.

Crockpot Conversion Tips
Have a favorite recipe you'd like to convert for use in your slow cooker? Information on converting standard oven recipes for use in your crockpot.

Heirloom Weights & Measures
This chart will help you decipher those oftimes cryptic instructions in heirloom recipes from days gone by.

Sugar Substitute Conversions
This reference chart gives helpful information and conversion tips for cooking with sugar subsitutes.

Adjustable Recipes from Meals For You
Meals for You recipes are customizable by servings and unit of measurement, plus provides nutrition information.

Conversion Calculator
FreshMango.com's calculator lets you put in the amount and measure and convert to whatever type of measure you need, dry or liquid. Very quick!

Diabetic Dietary Exchanges Table
Meals for You has an exchange table for diabetics to help plan meals, plus nutrition and selection tips.

Drive-Thru Diet Calculator
Calculator to determine calories, fat, and other nutritional aspects of 7 fast-food restaurants from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

US to British Equivalents
Recipe Source Archives has conversions for US to British measurements.

Inteli-Health Nutrition Database
Inteli-Health has an interactive Nutrition Database which gives information from the USDA like you find on labels on commercial foods.

Quick Metric Conversions
Beyond the French Riveria has a simple chart for quick conversions of simple US to metric measures and oven temps, no fuss, no muss.

USDA Nutrient Database
This database calculates the nutrition in food items. Put in your search word and choose the description that suits your inquiry.

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