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Marmalade Recipes

Here you will find recipes for homemade marmalades as well as recipes using marmalade as an ingredient. Today, the general definition for marmalade is a sweet jelly in which pieces of fruit and rind are suspended.

All About Marmalade
Learn about marmalade and get cooking tips before trying one of the many marmalade recipes.

Baked Marmalade Pancake Recipe
This puffy pancake starts on top of the stove, and moves to the oven to bake. It is finished with orange marmalade and powdered sugar for an easy and delicious breakfast dish. Try this with other favorite preserves.

Bartlett Pear Orange Marmalade Recipe
Bartlett pears are added to traditional orange marmalade in this simple recipe with few ingredients. Great gift idea.

Beef Brisket with Onion-Lemon Marmalade
Cooked long and slow, beef brisket becomes incredibly tender. This recipe makes its own sweet and sour pan gravy.

Beet, Lemon, and Ginger Marmalade Recipe
If you do not like beets, this will make a believer of you. If you do like beets, you will be in ecstasy. This delicious marmalade is sweetened with honey and flavored with ginger. It is very quick and simple to make and makes a great condiment for any savory dish.

Blueberry Marmalade Recipe
Oranges and lemons join fresh blueberries in this easy marmalade. Using liquid pectin makes it virtually fool-proof. It makes a nice gift from the kitchen.

Bread Pudding with Orange Marmalade Recipe
Use up day-old bread in this tangy bread pudding with orange marmalade and chocolate chips. This is an easy dish to throw together yet absolutely fabulous on the table. Great for a special breakfast, brunch or even dessert.

Brisket with Burgundy Orange Sauce Recipe
Long, slow cooking in an orange, wine, and herb sauce tenderizes brisket. This is best made a day ahead and reheated.

Carrot Cake with Marmalade Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe
Rich and moist carrot cake is topped with a marmalade cream cheese frosting. Use a microplane to make quick work of the grated carrots and orange zest. Although the ingredients list may seem long, this is an easy cake to make.

Carrot Marmalade Recipe
Carrots add an interesting flavor to lemon and orange marmalade. This is a very simple recipe to make.

Cherry Orange Glazed Ham Recipe
Break away from the traditional pineapple ham and try this cherry orange glaze. It is fast and easy because the glaze is made with canned cherry pie filling and orange marmalade.

Christmas Citrus Marmalade Recipe
This marmalade blends lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. It makes a lovely gift from the kitchen for any occasion. Plan ahead. The marmalade will take a couple of weeks to set up. Note that the size of the fruits you use will make a difference in the volume. It should not affect the end result. This is an old-fashioned recipe with no exact amounts.

Coconut Beer Shrimp with Sweet & Tangy Sauce Recipe
Creole-seasoned shrimp is dipped in beer batter and rolled in coconut, then deep-fried. You can use a commercial Creole seasoning mix, if you wish, or make your own. This recipe works well as an appetizer or entree.

Cranberries Amaretto Recipe
This chunky cranberry sauce is flavored with amaretto liqueur and orange marmalade.

Cranberry Orange Marmalade Recipe
Grand Marnier and brandy mix with cranberries and oranges in this marmalade perfect for gift-giving.

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake Recipe
Orange marmalade gives extra dimension to delicious cranberry pound cake enriched with sour cream. The recipe uses dried cranberries so you can enjoy it year-round or feel free to substitute dried cherries. This tasty fruited loaf cake makes a great gift from the kitchen. Try it lightly toasted and spread with butter for breakfast. Yum!

Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe
Orange marmalade, cranberries, brown sugar, sweet onion, and spices sweeten up stuffed acorn squash cooked in the microwave. Kids may even consider this dessert!

Crispy Citrus Goose Recipe
Fresh oranges, orange liqueur, orange marmalade, and thyme transform goose into a delectable work of art. Although the author says to discard the duck fat, I save it (refrigerate or freeze) to use when frying potatoes. The flavor is incredible.

Dark Fruitcake Recipe
This fruitcake recipe is over 100 years old. It takes 2 days to make, and 3 weeks to ripen, but well worth the time investment. If properly stored, the cake can be made as much as two months before Christmas.

Dessert Fondue Marnier Recipe
Dip fresh fruit or marshmallows into this orange marmalade and Grand Marnier creamy fondue. Great dessert for intimate parties. This is also good as a dessert cake topping or ice cream topping.

Ginger Marmalade Chicken Salad Recipe
Chicken marinated and cooked in orange marmalade and ginger makes a great salad. Plan ahead to marinate the chicken overnight.

Grand Marnier Marmalade Recipe
Grand Marnier liqueur and kumquats make this marmalade special. Make some for gifts.

Green Tomato Marmalade Recipe
This is a good way to use up those green tomatoes in your garden. The sweet marmalade also contains oranges.

Irish Tea Brack Recipe
Dried peaches, apricots, and prunes are the fruits and the liquid used is strong tea. Since it uses dried fruits, you can easily make it year-round. Great for breakfast or an afternoon tea snack. Plan ahead to let the fruit steep in the tea overnight.

Kiwi Lime Marmalade Recipe
Quick marmalade made with kiwifruit and lime is made in the microwave. This is fast and easy to make with few ingredients.

Lemon Marmalade Recipe
Simple lemon marmalade uses only 3 ingredients. The recipe is easy, but will take some time. The time investment is definitely worthwhile. Keep this one in mind for kitchen gifts.

Lime Marmalade Recipe
Simple lime marmalade uses only 3 ingredients. The recipe is easy, but plan ahead for the limes to soak overnight to remove bitterness. This recipe makes enough for you and for kitchen gifts.

Mandarin Orange Marmalade Cookies Recipe
Use canned mandarin oranges and orange marmalade for a rich orange-flavored butter cookie. White chocolate chips are an added touch of decadence, but you may omit them, if you wish.

Marmalade Oven-Fried Chicken Recipe
Tasty oven-baked fried chicken thighs and/or drumsticks coated with marmalade and stuffing mix crumbs could not be easier. The Worcestershire sauce gives a nice savory balance to the sweetness of the marmalade. Kids will love these as much as the adults.

Marmalade-Glazed Chicken Recipe
This skillet chicken recipe blends Grand Marnier, orange marmalade, and Worcestershire sauce into a delightful glaze.

Nectarine-Orange Marmalade Recipe
Nectarines add an interesting touch to orange marmalade. Firm peaches are easily substituted for the nectarines. It makes a nice gift from the kitchen.

Onion Marmalade Recipe
Onions are cooked with sherry, sugar, bay leaves, and peppercorns to create onion marmalade good with pates and terrines, or on roasted meats and chicken.

Orange Bacon Chicken Breasts Recipe
The bacon keeps the chicken white meat moist while the orange marmalade makes a delightful contrast to the smoky flavor of the bacon. Fast and easy to put together, this chicken dish bakes in less than 30 minutes.

Orange Chocolate Chip Quick Bread Recipe
Orange marmalade and chocolate chips are a match made in heaven in this easy quick bread recipe. Dried fruits may be substituted for the chocolate chips.

Orange Crepes Flambe Recipe
Thin crepes are rolled, topped with orange marmalade syrup, then flamed with Grand Marnier® orange liqueur. This dessert is quite impressive when served flaming, yet it is easy to make. Do read the flambe tips before you begin.

Orange Marmalade Cornish Hens Recipe
Orange-glazed Cornish hens are elegant, but unbelievably easy. Stuff with your favorite rice, bread, or cornbread stuffing, if you wish.

Orange Marmalade Cream Cheese Bars Recipe
A bar cookie with a nutty shortbread crust and creamy orange marmalade topping is sure to please all. Walnuts or other nuts may be substituted for the pecans.

Orange Marmalade Cream Cheese Pie Recipe
This pie uses light cream cheese, sour cream, and orange marmalade. It is low-fat and needs no baking.

Orange Marmalade Pecan Bread Recipe
Orange marmalade and pecans shine in this easy quick bread. Feel free to substitute other nuts. If you cannot use nuts, try substituting your favorite dried fruit.

Peach Marmalade Recipe
Using a gel agent helps this spiced peach marmalade come together quickly. Feel free to adjust the measurements of the spices to suit your personal tastes.

Plum Pudding For Christmas Recipe
Julia Child shares this classic holiday pudding recipe (which has no plums!), served flaming with a zabaione sauce. It is loaded with raisins and spices. Be sure to read the flambe tips before beginning.

Pork Tenderloin with Chipotle-Marmalade Sauce Recipe
The sweetness of the marmalade combines beautifully with the spicy sweet chipotle chiles in a glaze for pork. The glaze may be made a day in advance. This is a New York restaurant favorite.

Quince Marmalade Recipe
Marmalade was originally made of quince fruit. Here is a traditional recipe for quince marmalade which also uses lemons.

Red Grapefruit Marmalade Recipe
This delicious marmalade uses red grapefruit and lemon instead of oranges. It makes a nice gift from the kitchen for any occasion.

Red Pepper and Ginger Marmalade Recipe
This is a slightly sweet marmalade with a slightly spicy bite. It is a great condiment to serve with beef, chicken, sausage, lamb, game, and vegetables.

Roasted Eggplant Marmalade Recipe
This savory chunky marmalade is made from eggplant, ginger, garlic, herbs, and spices. It may be served warm or cold and is easily frozen for longer storage.

Seville Orange Marmalade Recipe
Homemade orange marmalade cooks up fast in the pressure cooker. This is an old recipe and the practice of using wax to seal canning jars is no longer recommended. Use standard canning jars and lids and skip the wax.

Slow-Grilled Ribs with Spice Rub Recipe
Grill spareribs outdoors or bake in the oven. Do not miss the recipe variations for sweet grilled ribs with orange marmalade and Chinese grilled ribs with honey and hoisin sauce also included.

Spiced Orange Marmalade Flank Steak
Toss this spicy sweet steak on the grill for a taste treat. Plan ahead to marinate overnight. The reserved marinade is cooked into a glaze.

Spicy Marmalade Soy Dip Recipe
Marmalade soy dipping sauce is slightly spicy and goes particularly well with all types of seafood, including shrimp, crab, lobster, and squid. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Vine-Ripe Golden Tomato Marmalade Recipe
Made from yellow tomatoes and spices, this marmalade may be used as a condiment for meats or spread for breads, muffins, biscuits, and scones.

White Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe
Full of flavor from fresh orange juice and zest, this cake is moist and rich with an added kick from white chocolate chips. Read through the recipe before you begin. It may seem like a lot of work, but it goes together quickly. You may substitute other varieties of orange, but you may need more than one orange and the navel orange gives the best zest.

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