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Mandarin Orange Recipes - Mandarins, Clementines, Tangerine Recipes

Fresh Mandarin oranges such as tangerines, Clementines, and Satsumas may be difficult to find but canned Mandarin oranges are available year-round in the canned fruit section of grocery stores. These recipes all use some form or Mandarin, Clementines, Satsumas, or tangerines.

All About Mandarin Oranges
Mandarin oranges are little segments of bright citrus flavor suitable for salads, vegetables, main dishes and, of course, desserts. Although mostly used in canned form, you may have eaten a fresh mandarin orange and not even realized it. Find out about the tangerine connection before trying one of the many recipes.

Apple Orange Stuffing Recipe
Apples, mandarin oranges, raisins, and walnuts make a fruity filling for all types of poultry, including chicken, cornish hens, duckling, and goose. You may also bake this stuffing as a separate side dish.

Fruit Pizza Recipe
This delicious pizza has a cookie dough crust, a sweet cream cheese sauce, and is topped with your favorite fruits for a dessert that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Grand Marnier Fruit Salad Recipe
This non-fat fruit salad gets a kick from Grand Marnier and makes a very colorful dessert. Feel free to experiment with any variety of your favorite fruits in combinations that sound pleasing to you. You may substitute orange juice for the Grand Marnier if need be.

Healthy Mandarin Orange Cake Recipe
Fat and calories have been trimmed from this healthy Mandarin orange cake.

Low Calorie Sparkling Mandarin Orange-Pineapple Mold Recipe
Easy gelatin mold is loaded with mandarin oranges and pineapple for a low-calorie dessert treat. To reduce calories even further, use sugar-free gelatin and fruits packed in water.

Mandarin Lime Sorbet Recipe
Use canned Mandarin oranges for this quick and easy frozen delight. Do not over-process or you will end up with a slushie. (Hey, not a bad idea, either!)

Mandarin Orange and Chocolate Pie Recipe
This quick no-bake pie has the texture and flavor of Mandarin orange sherbet with a decadent layer of chocolate. Plan ahead to refrigerate at least a few hours before serving.

Mandarin Orange Cheesecake Recipe
Use canned or fresh mandarin oranges for this rich cheesecake.

Mandarin Orange Frozen Dessert Recipe
Delicious frozen no-bake dessert uses mandarin oranges, whipped topping, and pecans for an easy finish. Plan ahead to let it freeze for 2 hours before serving.

Mandarin Orange Kidney Bean Salad Recipe
Kidney beans, celery, and Mandarin oranges marinate in dressing for an easy and tasty salad. Plan ahead to chill before serving.

Mandarin Orange Marmalade Cookies Recipe
Use canned mandarin oranges and orange marmalade for a rich orange-flavored butter cookie. White chocolate chips are an added touch of decadence, but you may omit them, if you wish.

Mandarin Orange Muffins Recipe
Canned mandarin oranges give a delightful citrus flavor to these delicious spiced muffins which are topped with cinnamon sugar. They are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack.

Mandarin Orange Rice Pudding Recipe
Let the crockpot do the work watching this delicious rice pudding flavored with mandarin oranges and raisins. It is a great way to use up leftover rice.

Mandarin Orange Sauce Recipe
Mandarin oranges are sweeter and less tangy than standard oranges. If you like it a bit more tangy, be sure to use the optional orange zest. Serve Mandarin Orange Sauce over ice cream, pound cake, angel food cake, pancakes, or waffles.

Mandarin Orange Vinaigrette Recipe
This simple vinaigrette recipe gets an additional tang of flavor from mandarin orange juice. The dressing may be served warm or cold and is especially good over spinach salad.

Orange Almond Greens Recipe
A poppy seed dressing tops romaine lettuce, almonds and Mandarin oranges for a light salad. Fast, easy, and healthy.

Orange Bavarian Cream Recipe
This parfait-like dessert contains Mandarin oranges, orange yogurt, vanilla pudding, non-dairy whipped cream, and vanilla wafers.

Orange Date Cake Recipe
Buttermilk and orange glaze make this cake very moist and full of orange flavor.

Orange Fluff Salad Recipe
This quick dessert salad contains cottage cheese, gelatin, Mandarin oranges, pineapple, coconut, pecans, and Cool Whip. It is a traditional recipe from the mid-1900s, a comfort food for many.

Sweet Cucumber and Mandarin Orange Salad Recipe
This very simple salad of cucumbers, Mandarin oranges, and sweet onions with tarragon goes together quickly and has a delicate sweet flavor. Plan ahead to chill before serving.

Turkey & Mandarin Orange Cheese Wraps Recipe
This fast and easy wrap is made with whole-wheat tortillas and filled with mandarin orange cream cheese, smoked turkey, and fresh spinach. You can lighten it up by using fat-free cream cheese. The kids will like this one.

Turkey Breast with Pineapple-Orange Sauce Recipe
Sweet pineapple and Mandarin orange sauce tops turkey cooked in a foil pouch for easy clean-up.

Vanilla Fruit Salad Recipe
Pineapple, Mandarin oranges, apples, and vanilla pudding make a quick dessert salad to feed a crowd.

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