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Low Carbohydrate / High Protein Recipes

Low carbohydrate recipes and resources for those on low-carb, high protein diets, such as Atkins diet or some diabetic diets.
  1. About Low Carb Diets

Sugar Free Fudge Recipe
Enjoy this fudge on your sugar-free or low carb diet.

Home Cooking Low Carb Recipes
Recipes for those following a low carbohydrate and/or high protein diet lifestyle, such as the Atkins Diet or some diabetic diets. Consult your diet plan for allowable carbohydrates and permissible foods. These recipes contain 8 or less grams carbohydrates per serving.

A to Z Recipes and Food
Find recipes and food information quickly by this keyword index. Choose the keyword that best suits your inquiry and click on the corresponding letter for the list. Good tool for browsing food and recipes.

Atkins Center Recipes
Dr. Atkins is the founder of the low-carbohydrate / high protein diet, so be sure to check this resource. There is a good sampling of recipes in standard categories, plus a carb gram counter, recipe makeovers, eating out tips and more.

Balderon's Low Carb Recipes
Big collection of recipes in all categories. Use the pull-down menu to choose a recipe and then click on View. Printable pages.

Guiltless Recipes for the Carbohydrate Addict
Seven recipes all on one page from authors Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller.

Jeff's Kitchen
Jeff has a dozen original low-carb recipes.

Karen's Gourmet Low-Carb Cuisine
Karen Barnaby, Executive Chef, The Fish House in Stanley Park, Vancouver serves up a nice gourmet collection of low-carb recipes. Currently about forty recipes, each recipe on its own page.

Low Carb Connoisseur
A small but growing collection of low-carb recipes, neatly organized by category.

Low Carb Cookbook
A wonderful collection of low-carb recipes on an uncluttered yet attractive site from Jennifer Jensen. Each recipe is on a different page, nicely organized into categories.

Recipes in standard categories with various viewing options. Add your own favorite low-carb recipes or recommend to a friend with the form email option. Recipes are each on their own page with a print option.

Low Carb Luxury Recipes
This visually-appealing yet uncluttered page has a nice selection of recipes in standard categories, each on a separate page.

Meals For You Recipes
Over 100 recipes all under 2 grams carbohydrates per serving, many with pictures.

Pam's Low Carb Cookbook
Pam's collection is categorized, with all recipes for each category on one page.

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