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Labor Day Recipes

Labor day is a great holiday to show off your favorite recipes while spending time with family and friends. Here are some Labor Day recipes to celebrate your kitchen.

Beer Recipes - How to cook with Beer
With new studies showing beer is actually healthy, why not eat your beer? Learn about cooking with beer, and try some of the many different recipes.

Buffalo Wings Recipes - How to make Buffalo Wings
There was a time in the not-too-distant past when chicken wings were relegated as scraps worthy only of the stock or soup pot. Nowadays, hot Buffalo wings are all the rage as appetizers and party fare. This new fad brought about other flavorings for chicken wings, as well as different cooking methods. Before trying the chicken wing recipes, take a look at how they came to be such a favorite.

Filet Mignon Recipes
This beef cut can be quite expensive when dining out, but much more reasonable to make at home. Find out how to get the best price and how to prepare it.

Gelatin Recipes
Yes, most gelatin is a meat by-product, but there are alternatives...and it's not just for dessert!

Hot Dog Recipes
Hot dogs, red hots, weiners, franks, no matter what you call them, history and recipes for a truly American food icon.

Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Frozen Dessert Recipes
Ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbets, ices, and more. Homemade decadent and healthy frozen delights are good year 'round.

Make a Honeydew Flower Basket
Learn how to cut decorative flowers into the side of the honeydew and stain with food coloring for an elegant but easy edible party decoration or centerpiece. Simply follow these easy step-by-step instructions and fill with your favorite fruit salad or dip recipe.

Make a Watermelon Basket
earn how to cut decorative hearts into a handle for the basket for an elegant but easy edible party decoration or centerpiece. Simply follow these easy step-by-step instructions and fill with your favorite fruit salad recipe.

Marinade Recipes
Marinades can tenderize as well as enhance the flavors of foods. Learn the science behind the tenderizing and take advantage of many recipes to stimulate your creative juices.

Meatball Sliders Recipe
These meatball sliders go quick at parties, and they are such an easy appetizer to make. You may use frozen meatballs from the market or your own homemade meatballs.

Morton’s Two-Fisted Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe
This popular burger from the famous Morton's steakhouse is said to be the favorite of Matt Birk, a six-time All-Pro Center with the Minnesota Vikings.

Salad Recipes
Dare to be bold and venture into some salads that depart from the norm. Of course you'll find potato salads here as well, along with some great vinaigrette and salad dressing recipes.

Shish Kebab Recipes
Kebabs are versatile enough to serve to guests or family while pleasing vegetarians to meat-lovers.

Sparerib Recipes
Barbecued spareribs are perhaps the favorite, but you don't necessarily have to own a grill to enjoy spareribs. Should you boil or not? Find out how to cook spareribs in the oven or outdoors.

Watermelon Recipes
Watermelons are a picnic favorite. You'd be surprised at what you can make with watermelon, including cake. Carve out a basket for fruit salad, or try one of the many recipes.

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