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Top 4 Candy, Jelly and Deep-Fat Fry Thermometers


When deep-frying or making candies and jellies, the temperature of the liquid must be closely monitored using a thermometer. These thermometers must withstand much higher temperatures than oven thermometers. They are usually much larger and come with a hook to attach to the side of the pot to keep them from touching the hot metal. Temperatures usually range from 100 to 400 degrees F.

1. Taylor Candy, Canning and Deep Fry Thermometer

Taylor's durable and accurate candy thermometer also handles deep-fry and jelly duties. It will measure temperatures from 100 F. to 400 F. Prominent markings are easy to read and includes notations for candy stages and chocolate tempering. It is 12-1/2 inches long with a clip that attaches to the side of the pot. Highly recommended.

2. Williams-Sonoma Digital Oil & Candy Thermometer

The first digital read-out dual-purpose candy and deep-fry thermometer has pre-programmed settings for both confections and frying. Beeps when desired temperature is reached. Attaches to side of pan. Operates on two AA batteries.

3. Taylor Professional Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer

This is a dial-style thermometer, with a large dial topping the 8-inch probe. It will measure temperatures from 50 F. to 550 F. Metal clip attaches to the side of the pot for constant monitoring. This one is designed for professionals, so there are no helpful markings for candy stages, however its wider temperature range is desirable for some applications.

4. Pyrex Candy Thermometer

This less expensive dial probe thermometer measures temperatures from 150 F to 400 F in 50-degree increments. If your recipe specifies an in-between temperature, such as 287 F., you may have difficulty with accuracy. The temperature guides are printed on the probe storage sleeve, not the dial.
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