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Soda Club Fountain Jet Edition 1

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soda club fountain jet edition 1 homemade soda maker machine

Soda Club Fountain Jet Edition 1

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The Bottom Line

It is easy to make your own homemade soda with this machine, and it requires no electricity or batteries. Bottles retain carbonation longer than commercial sodas and cost less.
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  • Requires no electricity.
  • Adjust the amount of carbonation to your tastes.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Carbonator tank must be refilled by an authorized dealer.
  • Flavoring syrups may be difficult to find locally, but may be mail-ordered.
  • Bottles hold only 1 liter.


  • Machine requires no electricity or batteries.
  • Make flavored or plain seltzers or sodas.
  • Wide variety of syrups available through mail-order or use your own.
  • Attractive sleekly designed unit stands 18.5 inches tall.
  • Machine may be mounted to a counter for permanent installations or travel campers.
  • Refillable carbonator produces over to 100 liters.
  • Specially-designed bottles and caps preserve carbonation longer than commercial counterparts.
  • Make a bottle of soda in less than 60 seconds.

Guide Review - Soda Club Fountain Jet Edition 1

The Soda Club Fountain Jet Edition 1 is like having your own soda fountain in your home, but without the need for electricity or batteries. The special bottles have a hermetic seal which holds carbonation longer than commercial sodas.

It's a fairly simple concept. Basically, the water is carbonated by use of a CO2 tank. The tank is enclosed in a sleek machine with a manual push-button pump that releases the gas into the bottle. The flavoring, if any, is added after the fact. It's fast and effortless.

The Soda Club has a wide variety of 26 flavorings from which to choose including cola, lemon-lime, orange, sugar-free, and even energy drink. You will get some flavoring syrups (3 to 8, depending on the package you order) included with the soda maker, each of which will make 12 liters of soda or seltzer. Replacements are available by mail order and in some specialty stores.

However, with a little imagination you can flavor your own soda to suit your own tastes, just as you can regulate the carbonation level. Use flavored extracts for carbonated water or fruit nectars for soda. Make your own sugar-free mixes with powdered unsweetened drink mix dissolved in a little hot water and sweetener to make a syrup. Let cool and add after carbonating.

Do not overfill the bottles or you will get a shower, and always put the flavoring in after carbonation. Recommended.
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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
excellent - used it every day for 2 years, Member ltout

I like soda and carbonated water, did not want calories, was tired of lugging tons of bottles from the store, and felt bad about the amount of plastic and carbon fuels being used to transport the sodas and carbonated waters... so bought the Soda Club Fountain Jet two years ago.. and use it every day. It works great. I keep a water in their bottles in the fridge, and carbonate a couple per day to drink. The water is so refreshing that I usually drink it plain, though sometimes adding fresh lemon or lime juice is a fun change. Even with this heavy usage, the carbonator bottles seem to last forever. I recommend the 110s as the smaller ones seem to empty over twice as fast.

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