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FoodSaver® Advanced Design V2860 Vacuum Sealer

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foodsaver vacuum sealer review advanced design appliance

FoodSaver® Advanced Design V2860 Vacuum Sealer

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The Bottom Line

The FoodSaver® has long been a leader in home vacuum-sealers. This top of the line model has all the bells and whistles and does not disappoint.
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  • Uses pre-sized bags or create your own custom lengths.
  • Optional accessories for cannisters and canning jars.
  • Includes training DVD and online support.


  • Pricey.
  • Freezer storage bags are expensive but may be re-used in some cases.


  • Dimensions: 16-7/8" (L) x 11-3/8" (D) x 4-1/8" (H)
  • Bags, accessory hose, and hose storage clips included.
  • Locks for upright storage.
  • Extra-wide sealing strip for a more secure seal.
  • Hands-free adjustable automatic settings for moist or dry foods.
  • Pulse option for manual sealing.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Optional attachments for marinating, cannisters, bottles, and canning jars.
  • Includes full-length training video on DVD.
  • Online support.

Guide Review - FoodSaver® Advanced Design V2860 Vacuum Sealer

The Tilia FoodSaver® has been a staple appliance in many home kitchens over the years. The Tilia company has been purchased by Jarden Corporation which also brings us the venerable Crock-Pot® and Ball® canning products among others.

The updated FoodSaver® Advanced Design model is the Cadillac of home vacuum sealers with impressive one-touch, hands-free variable controls. Use pre-cut bags or easily create custom sizes. In certain cases, the used bags may be washed and re-used.

The FoodSaver® has a myriad of optional attachments including a marinating cannister which cuts marination time down to about 20 minutes, vacuum cannisters for dry and powdered foods, bottle stoppers, and universal lids for resealing glass jars. The optional jar sealer works with Ball® and Kerr® canning jars to seal without screw-top rings.

It is important to note that vacuum sealing is not a substitute method for refrigeration, freezing, or canning methods. Perishable foods must still be refrigerated, frozen, or properly canned.

Although I recommend watching the instructional video and documentation before beginning, the FoodSaver® is quite easy to use and performed admirably. Highly recommended.
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 1 out of 5
Horrible item, Member cdf07

I bought the V3465 model first, and it lasted for about a month before it stopped sealing. Then I tried the Gamesaver version, since it advertised to be ""Heavy-Duty"". Same results. I will never buy another of any version of this product again.

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