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Waring Pro® Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer Review
Review of Waring Pro Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer/Steamer. Indoor turkey fryer with rotisserie is also a steamer and deep-fryer.

Chef's Choice® Hybrid AngleSelect Diamond Hone 290 Review
Chef's Choice Model 290 is the latest model (May, 2013) of electric knife sharpeners. Find out if it will work for you by reading my review.

Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System Review
Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System appliance product review and test results, including pros and cons. Find out how it works.

Ninja Kitchen System 1200 Review
Get the pros and cons in my review of this blender/food processor combination before buying.

Best General Reference Cookbooks
Whether you are a novice or experienced cook, a good general reference cookbook is a must in the kitchen. Here are my picks for essential kitchen general reference cookbooks.

Best Olive Cookbooks
Olives and olive oil have been recognized as foods with monounsatured fats which can actually help lower cholesterol. These cookbooks are essential for those who love olive and olive oil.

Crock-Pot® BBQ Pit by Rival - Product Review
Crock-Pot® BBQ Pit by Rival - Product Review. This is the newest Crock-Pot® product from Rival. Smoke meats indoors with this versatile electric slow cooker.

Crock-Pot® Versaware Pro Model SCV1600B-SS
Crock-Pot VersaWare Pro Model SCV1600B-SS Review. Find the pros and cons of this product.

Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 14-Cup Food Processor Review
Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 14-Cup Food Processor Product Review. Pros and cons of Model FP-14DC Cuisinart food processor.

Emerilware 4-in-1 Smoker
Emerilware 4-in-1 Smoker - Product Review. Indoor or stove-top smoker and roaster pan review.

Emerilware Deep Fryer
Emerilware deep fryer has a built-in system to filter the cooking oil for re-use.

Emerilware Grill & Panini Maker
This Emeril product functions as a panini maker as well as an electric stove-top grill.

FoodSaver® Advanced Design V2860 Vacuum Sealer
FoodSaver Advanced Design Review. Find the pros and cons of this product.

Kitchen Thermometers
When choosing an electronic kitchen thermometer, you must first analyze your usage. Find out the best thermometer for your cooking needs.

Is it a fork or a knife? It's both. But does it work? Find out if the Knork® works like a knife.

Nesco® 18-Quart Roaster Oven - Product Review
Nesco® 18-Quart Roaster Oven - Product Review. 18-quart roaster oven countertop slow cooker.

Silpat Baking Mat
Silpat baking mat product review. This reusable silicone mat takes the place of parchment paper for baking needs.

Small Kitchen Appliances for Foodies
Top 5 Kitchen stove-top or counter-top appliances sure to appeal to any foodie on any special occasion.

Small Kitchen Gifts
Looking for something different but useful to give to your favorite cook? These ideas are useful as stocking stuffers or for year-round gift-giving. Prices range from inexpensive to indulgent.

Soda Club Fountain Jet Edition 1
Soda Club Fountain Jet Edition 1 Review. Find the pros and cons of this product.

Swiss Diamond® Nonstick Cookware
Swiss Diamond Cookware Review. Find the pros and cons of this product.

T-Fal ActiFry Review
T-Fal ActiFry Review. Get the pros and cons of this kitchen appliance before buying.

Top 4 Candy, Jelly and Deep-Fat Fry Thermometers
When deep-frying or making candies and jellies, the temperature of the liquid must be closely monitored using a thermometer. These thermometers must withstand much higher temperatures than oven thermometers. They are usually much larger and come with a hook to attach to the side of the pot to keep them from touching the hot metal. Temperatures usually range from 100 to 400 degrees F.

Top 4 Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometers
These thermometers look like an extra-large needle with a temperature gauge on the end. Poke into the meat to get a reading of internal temperature within seconds. Most are not oven-proof, which means you must open the oven to check the meat. Look for a shatter-proof dial with large, easy-to-read numbers. Digital and fork models also available. Electronics are often not waterproof.

Zyliss Garlic Press
yliss Susi Garlic Press product review. Tired of garlic presses that break? This one may last a virtual lifetime.

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