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Jewish Holiday Recipes and Foods

Many Jewish holidays are celebrated with foods or dishes having special significance. Learn about these foods and try some recipes both traditional and new.

Matzo Ball Savvy
Matzo Ball and Matzo Ball Soup recipes and kosher information for Passover Seder.

Hanukkah Foods - Traditional Symbolic Foods for Hanukkah
Honey puffs and latkes have symbolic Hanukkah beginnings. Learn more about traditional Hanukkah foods.

A to Z Recipes and Food
Find recipes and food information quickly by this keyword index. Choose the keyword that best suits your inquiry and click on the corresponding letter for the list. Good tool for browsing food and recipes.

Jewish Recipes
Don't wait for the holidays to make some of these traditional Jewish recipes. These are good year-round. You'll also find some nouveau recipes. Included are recipes used for traditional holidays such as Passover Seder, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and others.

Hanukkah Festival of Lights Recipes
History of Hanukkah and the meaning behind traditional Hanukkah foods, with many recipes to celebrate the holiday.

Matzo Ball Recipes and Cooking Information
Matzo ball soup for Passover or any day, with both Sephardic and Ashkenazic versions of the recipes to please all.

Passover Seder
Explore the rich food traditions associated with the Passover Seder meal and try one of the many recipes.

Kashrut: Jewish Dietary Laws
A detailed explanation on how to keep a kosher diet, plus information on identifying kosher foods from Judaism 101.

Latkes with a Twist
Variations on latke recipes along with some different toppings from Caryn.com.

Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen
Mimi has seven traditional recipes for Hanukkah.

Schmaltz Primer
To make killer latkes, you need killer schmaltz. Learn from the eGG, and try some of the other holiday recipes.

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