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Jellies, Jams, Marmalades, and Preserves Recipes

Jellies are clear, solid spreads usually made from fruit. Jams have blended solids included in the jelly, while preserves are jams with chunks of solids. Marmalades are usually made with citrus fruits and include pieces of the rind or zest. Try these delicious recipes.
  1. Marmalade Recipes (52)
  2. Wine Jelly Recipes

Apple Thyme Jelly Recipe
Apple Thyme Jelly Recipe. You probably wouldn't normally think of adding an herb to a jelly, but thyme and apples meld into an incredibly flavorful result.

Banana Butter Recipe
If you like apple butter, try this version using bananas, cherries, and golden raisins.

Bartlett Pear Orange Marmalade Recipe
Bartlett pears are added to traditional orange marmalade. Great gift idea.

Beet, Lemon, and Ginger Marmalade Recipe
If you don't like beets, this will make a believer of you. If you do like beets, you will be in ecstasy. Very quick and simple to make.

Blueberry Marmalade Recipe
Oranges and lemons join fresh blueberries in this easy marmalade. Using liquid pectin makes it virtually fool-proof.

Carrot Marmalade Recipe
Carrots add an interesting flavor to lemon and orange marmalade.

Christmas Citrus Marmalade Recipe
This marmalade blends lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. It makes a lovely gift from the kitchen for any occasion.

Cranberry Orange Marmalade Recipe
Grand Marnier and brandy mix with cranberries and oranges in this marmalade perfect for gift-giving.

Drying Rose Hips and Rose Hips Puree Recipe
Learn how to dry rose hips, make puree, and rose hip fruit leather.

Festive Cactus Pear and Wine Jelly Recipe
The fruit of the cactus blends with pears and dessert wine to make a jelly that also works as a condiment for meats.

Fresh Fig Preserves Recipe
Fresh fig preserves are flavored with lemon juice, cinnamon, and ginger root.

Grand Marnier Marmalade Recipe
Grand Marnier liqueur and kumquats make this marmalade special. Make some for gifts.

Green Tomato Marmalade Recipe
This is a good way to use up those green tomatoes in your garden.

Kiwi Daiquiri Jam Recipe
This jam tastes like a tropical daiquiri. It uses kiwifruit, pineapple juice, lime juice, and rum.

Kiwi Lime Marmalade Recipe
Quick marmalade made with kiwifruit and lime is made in the microwave.

Kiwifruit Jam Recipe
Kiwifruit Jam Recipe. Kiwifruit makes a tasty jam. This batch is made with pectin and pineapple juice.

Lavender Wine Jelly Recipe
White wine jelly is flavored with lavender leaves and tinted purple. Great for gift-giving.

Lemon Marmalade Recipe
Simple lemon marmalade uses only 3 ingredients. The recipe is simple, but will take some time.

Lime Marmalade Recipe
Simple lime marmalade uses only 3 ingredients. The recipe is easy, but will take some time.

Maple Cream Recipe
Use this creamy maple syrup spread on bread, pancakes, muffins, toast, and biscuits.

Mulled Port Wine Jelly Recipe
Orange and cloves combine with port wine to make a rich sweet jelly perfect for gift-giving. Good on meats and wild game. Plan ahead as this recipe will take two days.

Nectarine-Orange Marmalade Recipe
Nectarines add an interesting touch to orange marmalade. It makes a lovely gift from the kitchen.

Onion Marmalade Recipe
Onions are cooked with sherry, sugar, bay leaves and peppercorns to create onion marmalade.

Peach Marmalade Recipe
Using a gel agent helps this spiced peach marmalade come together quickly.

Plum Jam Recipe
Plum Jam Recipe. Take advantage of fresh plums in season to make delicious plum jam.

Pomegranate Jelly Recipe
Pomegranates make a fabulous jelly. You will need a lot of pomegranates to make this from scratch, but you may substitute juice.

Pumpkin Apricot Jam Recipe
Traditional pumpkin jam is stepped up with apricots, raisins, ginger and cinnamon.

Quince Marmalade Recipe
Marmalade was originally made of quince fruit. Here is a traditional recipe for quince marmalade which also uses lemons.

Red Grapefruit Marmalade Recipe
This delicious marmalade recipe uses red grapefruit and lemon instead of oranges.

Red Pepper and Ginger Marmalade Recipe
This is a slightly sweet condiment with a slightly spicy bite, good with beef, chicken, sausage, lamb, game, and vegetables.

Red Wine Jelly Recipe
Shallots, garlic, and currants flavor this jelly. Great for gift-giving.

Rhubarb, Rose, & Strawberry Jam Recipe
Use this creamy maple syrup spread on bread, pancakes, muffins, toast, and biscuits.

Rosehip Jelly Recipe
Fresh rose hips make an easy but delicious jelly.

Rosemary Mint Wine Jelly Recipe
Sweet wine jelly is flavored with rosemary and mint.

Sambuca Romana Jam Recipe
Blueberries form the base of this jam, which is spiked with Sambuca liqueur and coffee beans.

Seville Orange Marmalade Recipe
Homemade orange marmalade cooks up fast in the pressure cooker.

Spiced Bing Cherry Jam Recipe
Spices and almond liqueur give extra depth and dimension to easy bing cherry jam.

Spiced Pumpkin Butter Recipe
Spiced pumpkin butter is similar to apple butter, but with the hearty flavor of pumpkin.

Spicy Cherry Chicken Recipe
The sauce for this oven-baked chicken begins with tart cherry preserves. Other preserves, including sugar-free, may be substituted with ease.

Spicy Red Wine Jelly Recipe
Traditional red wine jelly gets a kick from allspice and dried ancho chile peppers. Great for gifts.

Sweet Potato Jam Recipe
This recipe uses Caribbean sweet potatoes called boniato.

Three-Cherry Jam Recipe
Light and dark, sweet and tart cherries are a wonderful combination in this easy cherry jam.

Vine-Ripe Golden Tomato Marmalade Recipe
Made from yellow tomatoes and spices, this marmalade may be used as a condiment or spread.

Wild Persimmon Jam Recipe
Persimmons are flavored with fruit juice, herbs, and spices to make a quick and easy jam.

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