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Broiling Tips - How to Broil Food


If you have the food properly positioned, you should be able to broil with the door closed. Some people leave the door ajar to watch for flare-ups, especially when cooking fatty cuts, or so the food does not get overly brown. Of course, leaving the door open can created a greasy splatter mess to clean up outside the oven. If you are just browning the top (such as a casserole, etc.), then you might want to leave it open and watch it closely to remove it at just the right moment. Here are some broiling tips:

• When instructions call for broiling 4 inches from the heat source, this means 4 inches from the heating source to the top of the food. Use a ruler to judge properly.

• Begin broiling with the food at room temperature.

• To make clean-up easier, spray the broiler and drip tray with cooking spray or cover with foil.

• Trim off excess fat to avoid flare-ups. Putting a slice of bread in the drip pan will soak up oil drips and also help to avoid flare-ups.

• Be sure to preheat broiler and pan.

• For thin cuts of meat/fish/poultry, place closer to the heat source. Thicker cuts should be farther away so that the interior can cook through without the exterior being burned to a crisp.

• If you are using a basting liquid, warm it a bit. Cold basting liquid will slow down the browning and cooking. (Low-fat dressing makes a good basting liquid.)

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