1. Food

Special Occasions, Parties, and Holidays


Food and special occasions go hand in hand. Most holidays have their own corresponding traditional foods. Check out these recipes to make your holiday special. And don't forget the party foods!
  1. Religious Holidays
  2. Ethnic Holidays
  3. General Holidays and Parties

Religious Holidays

christmas, recipes, receipts, holidays

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Easter are the biggest religious holidays and the foods are a big part of the celebration.

Ethnic Holidays

st, patricks, day, recipes, saint, receipts

Many special occasions around the world are also celebrated with food as a focus. You will want to stock up on recipes for these theme parties.

General Holidays and Parties

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Every good party revolves around food, no matter what the special occasion. Learn how to cook for a crowd and tailor recipes to fit your party.

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