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Top 5 New Year's Eve Recipes


Some New Year's Eve favorite foods are traditional and some are trendy. Whether you are planning a full meal or party finger foods, here are the most popular recipes for New Year's Eve.

1. Champagne Recipes

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For a delightfully different theme, try a dinner using a bit of the bubbly as an ingredient in each course, from salad to dessert.

2. Prime Rib Recipes

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Prime rib roast makes an impressive dish for any occasion, and it is especially popular for New Year's Eve. Should you choose the standing rib roast or not? Get tips and don't forget the creamed horseradish sauce.

3. Caviar Recipes

Caviar invokes dreams of the rich and famous, but a little of this rich delicacy goes a long way when used as a highlight. Just a little will add a touch of class to many less flavorful recipes and make them sparkle with flavor.

4. Fondue Recipes

Fondue is a party food by nature. Fondue demands guest participation. For New Year's parties or intimate dinners, fondue is classy, elegant, and just plain fun.

5. Flambé Recipes

As extravagant as flambé dishes appear, they are easy enough to make at home and far less expensive. Impress your loved one, family, and/or guests with a variety of flambé foods from salads to desserts.
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