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10 No-Cook Food Gift Ideas

Quick food gift ideas with no cooking involved


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Cookie Kit Gift Basket

© 2008 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone
Nothing makes a gift more personal than taking the time to choose something suited specifically for the recipient. What could be more pleasing to show your sentiment than a gift from the kitchen? Your kitchen gift doesn't necessarily have to be a huge time investment. Small touches will make a big difference. Read on for quick gifts, packaging ideas, and how to get your gift there in one piece via air or ground. These ideas are suitable not just for the holidays, but for year-long gift-giving on any special occasion.

Quick kitchen food gift ideas

• Gather up treasured family recipes and copy them into a colorful purchased journal. Or, print them on pretty recipe cards fitted into a categorized recipe box.

• Purchase candycanes or any interesting-flavored candy sticks. Dip them in melted semi-sweet chocolate and let harden. Wrap in cellophane with bows to be used as coffee or tea stirrers. These are nice tucked into a pretty coffee mug.

• Purchase several small herb plants and nestle them together in a pretty basket with a favorite recipe card for using each herb.

• A bottle of wine with an IOU for a home-cooked meal makes a terrific gift for that person constantly on the go.

• For a nice hostess gift, purchase a small styrofoam cone. Using toothpicks to attach, cover with fresh cranberries. Use whole clove studs interspersed and leftover pine clippings or fresh herbs as a decorative base.

• Purchase a salt mill or pepper grinder and package with gourmet salt or peppercorns.

• Line a large, heavy oven mitt with colored cellophane, fill with gourmet jellybeans or nuts, and tie with a bright ribbon.

• For families with children, fill a cookie jar with cookie decorating accessories such as small bottles of neon food coloring, colored sugars, candy sprinkles, jimmies, and cookie cutters. Do not forget to include your favorite cookie recipe.

• Purchase a bundt cake with the hole in the center. Make a small nosegay of silk flowers in an inexpensive miniature bud vase and place in the center. Wrap with colored cellophane and a bow.

• Purchase a decorative ceramic loaf pan and fill with quick bread mixes.

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