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Kids Cook for Mother's Day - Recipes

Kitchen safety tips for junior chefs


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Dump Cake Recipe for Mother's Day

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Move over, Mom! Let the kids take over the kitchen and make dinner for a change! Now go relax, Mom, while we have a little talk with your junior chef(s).

Cooking Tips for Kids in the Kitchen

You may need an assistant for this project, so make a date to cook with a parent, adult or older teen to help you out with the chopping and stove work. Here are a few chef's safety tips for you:

• Before you start, you have to wash your hands. Awww...I know this is supposed to be fun, but when you prepare food, it is most important that your hands are clean and free of germs. You wouldn't want to make anyone sick, would you?

• Get out all the measuring spoons, measuring cups, pots and pans that you will be using and have them handy.

• Next gather all the ingredients. You wouldn't want to begin and then find out you're missing something.

• Put on an apron to protect your clothes. Tie back your hair if it's long, or wear a cap to keep your hair away from the food. No one likes hairy food!

• Be sure you know where your kitchen fire extinguisher is located, just in case.

• Read the recipe completely and understand the directions before you begin.

• When you're all finished, be a good sport and wash up the dishes. You can leave the sharp knives for an adult to wash.

• Have fun!

Easy Mother's Day Recipes

Below, you will find links to two recipes with step-by-step instructions, easy for junior chefs to prepare. The family is sure to love the Tasty Turkey Chili, and Dump Cake is about the easiest, most scrumptious dessert to make and devour.

Tasty Turkey Chili
Dump Cake

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