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Halloween Safety Tips

Feed the kids a healthy meal before they hit the candy


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Jack-o'-lantern Tips

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Halloween Safety Tips

With the intent of making it safer for children to be on the streets, some areas of the country have moved Trick or Treat night from October 31 to the Sunday or Saturday before. Whether you participate in Halloween or not, these tips are worthwhile reading:

• If you take your children out for Trick-or-Treating, be sure to get a good meal into them before they start attacking their sugary treats. Re-titling recipes with ghoulish names will make them more appealing.

• Make sure costumes are flame-resistant and fit well so children will not trip over them. If masks are worn, be sure they do not obscure the view. Accessories should not impede walking. Have the children wear comfortable shoes to avoid blisters. Carrying a flashlight or glowstick is an excellent way to make children visible to motorists. Reflective stickers can be applied to costumes or shoes.

• If you do not accompany your children, be sure they travel in groups, hopefully with an adult. Also warn children to stay on sidewalks if possible. If there are no sidewalks, stay to the extreme side of the street. Do not dart in between parked cars. Proceed with caution around any motorist, assuming for safety's sake that they cannot see your child.

• Unfortunately, in these unsure times, it is wise to examine all treats before letting your children eat them to be sure they have not been tampered with. Many local area hospitals will xray treats to expose any potential hidden foreign object. Be sure packaged candies are unopened and fruits and vegetables are blemish-free.

• If you prepare treats at home to distribute, be sure they are well-wrapped. Also, tag on a note with your name and address which helps allay the fears of parents about the veracity and safety of your homemade treats.

• Make your entry hazard-free by getting rid of any objects that children may trip over and be sure it's well-lit. If you have pets, be sure they are secured away from your entry.

• Rather than a candle-lighted jack-o'-lantern, why not paint one so you can use the pumpkin flesh later in yummy treats and avoid any fire hazard. Use non-toxic paints or tinted royal icing.

Don't forget to take pictures of your little ghouls and goblins!

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Halloween Safety Tips
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