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Cooking for a Crowd Tips and Recipes

Plan ahead when cooking for a crowd


Preparation Tips

It goes without saying that planning ahead will relieve the stress of cooking for a crowd and help you to get out of the kitchen faster. Here are a few tips:

• Make a list of all dishes you plan on serving, and consider the cost of the ingredients you will need as you choose your recipe(s).

• Make a shopping list from your recipe(s). Check it twice.

• Some kitchen work may be done ahead of time, such as chopping vegetables, making sandwiches, dessert items, and pre-cooking beans, veggies or meats for soups and stews.

• Decide in advance which recipes to make first. Plan cooking and preparation times accordingly.

• Plan ahead to have space in your refrigerator or stove for all you will be cooking. And do not forget you will also need to store leftovers. Those large dishes need space!

• Be sure you have pots, pans and serving dishes large enough to prepare and serve your recipe(s).

Crockpots are perfect for keeping foods warm. Plan on borrowing an extra one for a large party.

• To keep foods cold, nestle the serving dish in a bowl or tray of ice. An ice chest can also come in handy.

• Be sure you have enough serving utensils, and bring them if you are transporting the food.

• When transporting food, plan in advance how your food will be kept hot or cold.

• Most importantly, be realistic about how much you can do by yourself. Enlist help and delegate chores so you do not get overwhelmed.

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