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July 4th Recipes and Food

Put red, white, and blue color into your foods for the 4th of July


patriotic cupcakes recipe 4th of july receipt

Patriotic Cupcakes for 4th of July

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America's Independence Day is a traditional red, white and blue celebration which usually includes foods with an outdoor flavor followed by bright fireworks at night. In honor of this holiday, try Fourth of July recipes with a red, white and blue color scheme to add to the festive theme. Remember, food safety in the heat of summer is a prominent concern.

Hot Weather Food Tips

Basically, the idea is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. This means forethought and preparation on the part of the cook, including safe food preparation, smart transportation of foods to your destination, and safely storing leftovers. Here are some tips for outdoor food safety and convenience:

  • Think ahead before opening your cooler. Every time you open it, cold air escapes and the temperature rises.

  • If possible, have all your cooler food in watertight containers. Add water to the ice which will keep the foods and beverages colder for a longer period.

  • If you don't have blue-ice packs, you can fill up zip-top baggies, plastic or cardboard cartons with water and freeze ahead of time. With the baggies or sealed plastic jugs, the melted ice can be used for cold drinking water.

  • Be sure the food is already cold before putting into a cold cooler of ice to keep temperatures low. Warm or even room temperature foods added to a cold cooler will reduce your storage time.

  • Unless you have facilities to boil leftover marinades for sauce, toss out the leftover marinade or risk foodborne illness.

  • Leftover hot foods need to be refrigerated or iced immediately to avoid bacteria contamination. Make sure you bring extra ice if you are away from home.

  • More food safety tips here can help you plan your holiday so your foods are safe in hot weather.

    Picnic foods

    Planning a picnic? A barbecue? Going camping? Picnic Foods will give you plenty of picnic recipes from which to choose, from vegetarian to traditional, plus even some ideas for lowering the fat in your picnic foods. Choose from traditional sandwiches to the latest rage, wrappers.

    Fourth of July Recipes

    The KISS principle applies to Fourth of July foods: Keep It Simple, Silly. Choose foods you can make ahead and/or prepare in little time so you can enjoy the celebration. Here are some recipes to mix and match with a red, white, and blue color scheme for your Fourth of July color-coordinated celebration, plus more summer food favorites.

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