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Grand Marnier Recipes - Cooking with Grand Marnier recipes

Grand Marnier® is an amber liqueur with a distinct orange flavor which lends itself to many recipes. Be sure to check out the http://Grand Marnier® Cooking Tips</a> for substitutions and other information.

Apricot Grand Marnier Stuffing Recipe
Grand Marnier® liqueur lends an orange flavor to this stuffing with apricots and apples which may be cooked inside or outside the bird. In fact, you can make this stuffing as a side dish in place of potatoes or rice to serve with just about any beef, pork, poultry, or even seafood entree.

Cassata Siciliana Canoli Cake Recipe
This richly decadent cake from Emeril Lagasse has it all, including Grand Marnier, rum, chocolate, espresso, ricotta cheese, pistachios, and dried fruits. This is the ultimate fruitcake.

Cherry Sabayon Recipe
Orange-flavored custard pudding tops tart cherries for an elegant but quick dessert.

Chicken Flambe Recipe
Chicken breasts, onions, and portobello mushroooms are browned, baked, and flamed with Grand Marnier®. Served with a wine cream sauce pan gravy. Be sure to read the flambe tips and hints before you begin.

Chicken Grand Marnier® Recipe
Grand Marnier®, apricot jam, balsamic vinegar, and Dijon mustard give a tangy sweet and sour flavor to this marinated recipe using chicken breasts. If you are avoiding alcohol or cannot find the liqueur, you may substitute orange juice for the Grand Marnier.

Chocolate Cloud Cake Recipe
Decadent flourless chocolate cake is flavored with orange liqueur and has a whipped cream topping.

Chocolate Grand Marnier Sauce (Vegan) Recipe
This vegan dessert sauce combines Grand Marnier with silken tofu. Good on fresh fruits or plain cakes. The sauce may be made up to 3 days in advance.

Chocolate Orange Torte Recipe
Flourless chocolate cake is spiked with orange juice and orange liqueur. The addition of the coffee intensifies the flavor of the chocolate. Great for Passover or any special occasion. Plan ahead to refrigerate the torte at least 4 hours or overnight before serving. This is quite rich, so cut the slices thin.

Chocolate-Dipped Grand Marnier Strawberries Recipe
Truly decadent chocolate-dipped strawberries are stepped up a notch with the injection of Grand Marnier. They are easy to make and an impressive end to any romantic meal. Also great for kitchen gifts. Feel free to substitute orange sections (with the membrane left on) or dried plums for the strawberries.

Cranberry and Grand Marnier Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe
Butterflied pork tenderloin is stuffed with havarti cheese, cranberries, herbs, and garlic and topped with a Grand Marnier glaze.

Cranberry Orange Marmalade Recipe
Grand Marnier and brandy mix with cranberries and oranges in this marmalade perfect for gift-giving.

Cranberry Yam Casserole Recipe
Take a break from yams with marshmallows and try this recipe. Cranberries, oranges, Grand Marnier, pecans, and spices make a wonderful addition to yams or sweet potatoes. It is easy to make and makes an impressive presentation.

Creole Christmas Fruitcake with Whiskey Sauce Recipe
This festive Christmas fruitcake incorporates fruits, nuts, Grand Marnier, and bourbon then smothered in whiskey sauce.

Crispy Citrus Goose Recipe
Fresh oranges, orange liqueur, orange marmalade, and thyme transform goose into a delectable work of art. Although the author says to discard the duck fat, I save it (refrigerate or freeze) to use when frying potatoes. The flavor is incredible.

Dessert Fondue Marnier Recipe
Dip fresh fruit or marshmallows into this orange marmalade and Grand Marnier creamy fondue. Great dessert for intimate parties. This is also good as a dessert cake topping or ice cream topping.

Double Chocolate Grand Marnier Brownies Recipe
The enticing flavor of orange liqueur permeates delicious brownies made with two kinds of chocolate. It is an upscale dessert that is fast and easy to make.

Espresso Grand Marnier Balls Recipe
The rich flavor of espresso combines with orange liqueur, hazelnuts, and chocolate to make a fabulous truffle. They make a great gift tucked into a cheery tin, basket or fancy crock. Plan ahead to let these age for 1 week.

Fresh Berry Sauce with Grand Marnier Recipe
Fresh blueberries, strawberries, and/or raspberries combine with Grand Marnier to make a delicious dessert sauce. Serve it on cheesecake, shortcake, ice cream or any dish worthy of a sweet sauce with a kick.

Fruit Mayonnaise Recipe
You'll be amazed at the bright flavor of homemade mayonnaise. It's really very simple and fast to make with a blender or processor. Variations are given for flavored mayonnaises as well.

Ginger Souffle with Rhubarb-Ginger Sauce Recipe
Sweet crystallized ginger souffle is topped with a delicious rhubarb, ginger, and orange liqueur sauce. The souffle will fall if held for any length of time, so do serve it right away. This is a wonderful way to use rhubarb in a dessert.

Glacier Punch Recipe
This potent brew using flavored vodka, orange, liqueur, cherry kirsch, and sparkling wine or champagne is sure to be a hit. If you are avoiding alcohol, try the non-alcoholic version. To retain carbonation, stir this up just before guests arrive.

Grand Marnier Brownie Kisses Recipe
These rich fudgy brownies get an extra kick from the orange Grand Marnier frosting. These brownies may be made a week in advance and refrigerated.

Grand Marnier Cheesecake Recipe
Grand Marnier® liqueur lends an orange flavor to this rich cheesecake made with ricotta cheese and raisins. Plan ahead to refrigerate the baked cheesecake at least 12 hours before serving.

Grand Marnier Chocolate Cake with Shiny Icing Recipe
Rich bittersweet chocolate and orange Grand Marnier liqueur are a match made in heaven in this cake.

Grand Marnier Chocolate Pecan Torte Recipe
Chocolate, pecans, and Grand Marnier orange liqueur combine to produce a decadent dessert.

Grand Marnier Cranberry Muffins Recipe
Grand Marnier, orange juice, and zest give an extra burst of flavor to these cranberry muffins. Use frozen cranberries if fresh are not in season.

Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce Recipe
If you've never made your own cranberry sauce, start with this one. Unlike most cranberry sauces which are boiled, this one is baked. Easy cranberry sauce is flavored with Grand Marnier and orange juice. If you do not have Grand Marnier or don't want to use liquor, simply substitute an equal amount of orange juice concentrate.

Grand Marnier Custard Recipe
This classic French egg custard gets its flavor boost from Grand Marnier® orange liqueur. Plan ahead to refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. This is an elegant, yet simple dessert.

Grand Marnier Fruit Salad Recipe
This non-fat fruit salad gets a kick from Grand Marnier and makes a very colorful dessert. Feel free to experiment with any variety of your favorite fruits in combinations that sound pleasing to you. You may substitute orange juice for the Grand Marnier if need be.

Grand Marnier Layered Bars Recipe
You'll love these bars full of pecans, coconut, and chocolate. They are topped with a luscious layer of orange-flavored Grand Marnier cream cheese frosting and finished with miniature chocolate chips. Orange juice may be substituted for the Grand Marnier.

Grand Marnier Marinade Recipe
The Grand Marnier orange liqueur in this marinade gives the resulting food a tangy orange flavor.

Grand Marnier Marmalade Recipe
Grand Marnier liqueur and kumquats make this marmalade special. Make some for gifts.

Grand Marnier Mousse Recipe
This quick dessert uses Grand Marnier for orange flavor and is then further enhanced by the strawberry sauce.

Grand Marnier Pecan Pie Recipe
Grand Marnier gives a slight orange flavor to enhance the pecans in this egg-rich custard pie.

Grand Marnier Pound Cake Recipe
This rich pound cake, studded with chocolate, has Grand Marnier® orange liqueur in the batter and in the glaze.

Grand Marnier Raisin Gingerbread Bars Recipe
These gingerbread bars have a slight kick, but are not overly sweet. They go well with coffee, cappuccino or espresso. Plan ahead to let the raisins soak in the liqueur before beginning.

Grand Marnier Sauce Recipe
This easy sauce blends Grand Marnier orange liqueur with fresh orange juice. The sauce may be used as a glaze for chicken or pork or as a dessert sauce over fruits or plain cake.

Grand Marnier® Souffle Recipe
Grand Marnier® liqueur gives this classy dessert dish a fabulous orange flavor. Plan on serving this right away. The souffle will fall if held long.

Lemon Grand Marnier® Tart Recipe
The tart lemon flavor of this tart is mellowed with the sweet orange Grand Marnier® cream sauce. This recipe uses raw egg in the flavored cream. To avoid any potential illness, purchase irradiated eggs or simply omit the raw egg yolk from the cream. It will not be quite as rich, but still tasty.

Low-Fat Grand Marnier Ice Cream Recipe
This low-fat ice cream gets a kick from Grand Marnier® liqueur and fresh oranges. Although it is very close to completely non-fat, you will not tell from the taste.

Margarita Shrimp Salad Recipe
If you like margarita cocktails, you will love this salad made with shrimp, tequila, lime, and Triple Sec.

Marmalade-Glazed Chicken Recipe
This skillet chicken recipe blends Grand Marnier, orange marmalade, and Worcestershire sauce into a delightful glaze.

Orange Crepes Flambe Recipe
Thin crepes are rolled, topped with orange marmalade syrup, then flamed with Grand Marnier® orange liqueur. This dessert is quite impressive when served flaming, yet it is easy to make. Do read the flambe tips before you begin.

Pongaroons Macaroon Cookies Recipe
This yummy macaroon cookie recipe uses few ingredients, simply coconut, sweetened condensed milk, almond extract, and egg whites. Quick and easy.

Rock Cornish Hens Recipe
These rock Cornish hens with fruit, sweet potatoes, and Grand Marnier are a quick meal in the pressure cooker.

Scallops Marinated in Citrus Juices Recipe
Lime and orange juices cook the raw scallops without any heat in this easy ceviche. Great as an appetizer or salad for a warm day. Begin this recipe a day in advance to give the scallops time to marinate.

Strawberry Flambe with Green Peppercorns Recipe
Green peppercorns and Grand Marnier give a slight peppery orange flavor to flamed strawberries. Be sure to read the flambe tips before beginning.

Strawberry Grand Marnier Cheesecake Dip Recipe
Fruity and creamy cheesecake dip is flavored with Grand Marnier, strawberries, and walnuts. This makes an excellent appetizer or dessert. If you cannot use Grand Marnier, try 1/2 teaspoon orange extract or simply boil down orange juice into a syrup.

Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe
Sweet potatoes are lightly spiced and topped with a brown sugar pecan crumble topping. This is a delightful change from traditional candied yams or mashed sweet potatoes. It is quite easy to make and is sure to impress.

White Sangria With Peaches and Grand Marnier Recipe
Grand Marnier, peaches, and tropical fruit juices blend with dry white wine to make this sangria a unique and potent alcoholic beverage for parties.

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