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How to Make a Watermelon Basket Party Decoration - Step by Step Recipe


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How to Make a Watermelon Basket Party Decoration Recipe - Step 1
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Watermelon Fruit Basket Party Decoration

Watermelons come in many varieties so you can choose from red or yellow flesh and seeded or seedless varieties. If you will be using the fruit scooped out from the watermelon basket, consider buying a seedless variety. Learn how to cut decorative hearts into a handle for the basket for an elegant but easy edible party decoration or centerpiece. Simply follow these easy step-by-step instructions and fill with your favorite fruit salad recipe.

Note: If you have pumpkin carving tools left over from Halloween, by all means, use them. The watermelon basket handle is for decorative purposes only. Do not use it to lift the basket. It will not support the weight and will break.

You will need:
• Ripe watermelon, seedless or not. Select a watermelon with a flattish bottom so it will not easily roll.
• Large sharp knife.
• Razor blade knife or craft knife (such as an Exacto® knife).
Melon-ball tool (optional).
• Washable non-toxic children's marker (such as Crayola® brand) in a contrasting color.
• White paper to draw heart (or other shape) for a template.
• Small sharp paring knife.
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