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Wild Game Recipes

Recipes and resources for cooking many types of wild game at home.

Grilled Hoisin-Marinated Venison Loin Recipe
Venison is marinated in hoisin, rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and honey, then grilled until it is crunchy on the outside, but tender inside.

Microwave Venison Jerky Recipe
Preserve your venison by making jerky. This easy microwave method is fast and flavorful. It may be used with other meats.

Nuge's Stuffed Rolled Venison Log Recipe
Ground venison is filled with oats, ham, and mozzarella. This recipe is from avid hunter and rock star Ted Nugent from his popular cookbook.

Seven Step Jerky Recipe
Only seven steps to easy venison jerky flavored with soy sauce, Worcestershire, garlic, and onion. Plan ahead to marinate the deer meat overnight.

Venison Chili With Apples Recipe
Venison takes the place of beef in this interesting chili that combines apples and wine with a traditional tomato base.

Venison Chili with Papaya Recipe
Venison, sausage, black beans, and tomatoes make a fabulous chili topped with sour cream and papaya. Plan to marinate deer overnight.

Venison Fingers Recipe
Venison steaks are cut into fingers, marinated in an herb vinaigrette, coated in cracker meal, and fried for an appetizer or main dish.

Venison Shortcake Recipe
Bacon adds flavor and moisture to ground venison or elk meat cooked in an easy gravy. The mixture is served with easy savory shortcakes.

Venison with Cranberries Recipe
Fresh cranberries, citrus, ginger, and wine make a great sauce for roast venison. The sauce may be made in advance and reheated.

Wild Game Recipes
These recipes use any variety of wild game. You'll find venison recipes as well as other wild game.

Alligator Recipes
Twenty recipes using gator meat, including soup, chili, meatballs, sauces and more from Just Game Recipes.

Dressing the Meat
Safety tips on how to properly dress, skin, age, carve and preserve deer and antelope meat (with graphics) from The Hunting Shack.

Michigan Sportsmens Web
A small collection covering venison, elk, waterfowl, boar, and bear.

Nutritional Information
Fat, calorie and cholesterol counts for various wild game from Eat Game.

PastryWiz.com Venison Collection
Eighteen recipe and growing for venison, from osso buco to sausage.

Pheasant Recipes
Six recipes for pheasant from Dillon Enterprises, including baked, stir-fry, salad, and more.

SOAR Collection
Nearly thirty recipes and growing covering caribou, moose, beaver, boar and more.

SOAR Venison Collection
Over 80 recipes devoted to venison from kabobs to Hawaiian-style.

SusieQ's Boar Recipes
Five recipes all on one page, including kraut casserole, sweet and sour, hog chops, stew and Korean meatballs.

SusieQ's Rabbit Recipes
Over a dozen recipes on one page, including crockpot, saute, braised, fricassee, coq au vin, pot roast and more.

Venison Recipes
Over fifteen recipes for venison, including sausage, meatballs, lasagna, soup, stew, chili and more from International Hunters.

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