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Mandarin Orange Tips and Hints

Substituting fresh mandarins for canned may require more liquid


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Mandarin Oranges

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Mandarin Orange Tips and Hints

• When substituting canned mandarins for fresh, you will most likely need to drain them from the syrup and may even wish to gently rinse them.

• When substituting fresh mandarins for canned in some recipes, you may need to add water or simple syrup.

• Most canned mandarins come in 11-ounce tins. Four-ounce snack sizes are also now widely available.

• One 11-ounce can equals 1-1/4 cups mandarin oranges.

• Use mandarin oranges as a colorful, sweet accent in green salads for a touch of class.

• Mandarins work well in sweet and sour sauces.

• They are especially good in desserts. Use as a decoration, a topping on ice cream with a drizzle of Grand Marnier, or as a dipper for chocolate fondue for quick desserts.

• Mandarin oranges are less acidic than oranges and generally sweeter.

• When grating mandarin orange peel, keep in mind that the skin is thinner than most oranges, so less pressure will be necessary. The same theory applies to squeezing for juice.

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Mandarin Oranges Photo © 2012 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, licensed to About.com, Inc.


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