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Classic Banana Recipes and Cooking Tips

Frozen bananas are quick and easy to make


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Classic Banana Recipes

Perhaps the most famous gourmet dish made with bananas is Bananas Foster, created by chef Paul Blange at Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans in the 1950's. The dish of sliced bananas cooked with butter, brown sugar, rum and banana cordial served over vanilla ice cream was named for a customer, Richard Foster, owner of Foster's Awning Co. of New Orleans. Banana bread, which became popular in the 1960's, is a close rival as a non-gourmet entry. And let us not forget the banana split, made popular in the 1950's by Woolworth's dime store.

Banana Cooking Tips

When preparing a dish with uncooked, peeled sweet bananas, they must be dipped in an acid to discourage discoloration, such as citrus or pineapple juice.

Choose slightly underripe bananas for cooked savory recipes and overripe ones for baked goods.

For quick frozen banana treats, dip whole bananas in citrus juice and freeze on baking sheet. When frozen, dip in melted chocolate, cover each with plastic wrap, and return to the freezer until your kids find them and gobble them up.

I'm rather partial to the smaller, sweeter Manzano variety which has subtle hints of apple and strawberry flavors. Luckily, I have a Manzano banana tree in my backyard, since they can be difficult to find in the market.

Nutritionally-speaking, bananas give the most benefit when eaten raw, but bet you can't resist some of these recipes!

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