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Fruit Recipes and Cooking Information

Fruits lend a sweet touch to both savory dishes and desserts. Learn about fruit history, selection, storage, and usage. Exotic fruits as well as common fruits are included.
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  2. Nuts (24)
  3. Pears (6)

Apple Recipes and Cooking Information
Learn about the history of apples, health benefits, and what types are best for specific cooking methods. The versatile apple can be used in all types of dishes. Recipes galore.

Apple Varieties Chart
This apple variety chart has many pictures plus information on which types of apples are best for cooking, baking, and eating out of hand.

Apple Varieties
There are hundreds of varieties of apples. Some are better for eating that cooking. Here are some common apple varieties.

Apricot Cooking Tips
Learn how to keep cut apricots from turning dark and other apricot cooking tips.

Apricot Recipes and Cooking Information
Is it prounouced APP-ricot or APE-ricot? No matter how you pronounce the name of this luscious fruit of the gods, apricots are a delightful addition to a wide variety of savory and sweet dishes.

Avocado Recipes and Cooking Information
Also known as the "alligator pear," the avocado is in season in winter, so check out avocado history, health benefits and tips, plus many recipes.

Avocado Storage and Selection
Learn how to choose avocados and store them.

Avocado Varieties and Facts
Find out if the avocado is a fruit or a vegetable and get information on the popular varieties.

Banana Facts and Information
Bananas are an herb with edible flowers and fruit. Learn more about the world's most popular fruit.

Banana Recipes and Cooking Information
Bananas are such a common fruit, we scarcely give them a second thought. However bananas have a very interesting genesis and background, are good for the body, and can even waylay a hangover. Bananas are not just for banana bread as you'll see from the recipe collection.

Blueberry Cooking Tips and Hints
Blueberry Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn how to cook with blueberries, including equivalents and substitutions.

Blueberry Recipes and Cooking Information
Delve into the blue velvet summer jewels we know as blueberries with some great recipes good year-round.

Cherry Cooking Tips and Hints
Cherries can turn baked goods blue. Find out why and how to fix it, plus other cherry cooking tips.

Cherry Recipes and Cooking Information
Dessert recipes abound for both sweet and sour cherries, but cherries can also give a touch of class to savory dishes and vegetables.

Cherry Varieties - Sweet and Sour Cherries
Learn about cherry varieties to determine whether you need sweet or sour cherries for your recipes.

Classic Banana Recipes and Cooking Tips
Learn about classic banana recipes such as Bananas Foster and frozen bananas, plus banana cooking tips.

Coconut Forms and Availability
Coconut is widely available year-round in many forms. Learn more about green coconuts and other forms.

Coconut Recipes and Cooking Information
Fresh or packaged coconut, get the inside scoop on history, lore, selection, and storage, along with many recipes, both sweet and savory.

Cranberry Cooking Tips
Cranberries should be cooked only until they pop to avoid mushiness. Learn how to cook with cranberries

Cranberry Recipes and Cooking Information
More than just sauce for Thanksgiving. Learn all about cranberries, how to cook with them in savory foods and desserts, plus many recipes.

Famous Cherry Recipes
There are many famous cherry recipes. If you learn how Maraschino cherries are made, you might want to make your own.

Fig Recipes and Cooking Information
Its sweet, delicious flesh, long used as a sweetener before the advent of refined sugars, enhances both savory dishes and desserts. Not to worry if you don't have access to fresh figs. Dried figs are readily available.

Fig Varieties
Fig Varieties. Some figs are better dried, while others are better eaten fresh.

How to peel and seed pomegranates
Extracting the juice from fresh pomegranates is easy. Learn how to peel and juice pomegranates.

Key Lime Substitutions, Measures, and Equivalents
Beware: Some bottled Key lime juice is sweetened. Get lime substitutions, equivalents, and measuring information.

Lime Recipes and Cooking Information
Find out the difference between Key limes and Persian limes. Learn the origin of Key Lime Pie and how to make your own as well as many other lime recipes.

Lychee Recipes and Cooking Information - Litchi and Litchi Nuts for Home Cooking
Lychee Recipes and Cooking Information - Litchi and Litchi Nuts. Litchi is a lesser known tropical fruit that has a taste resembling a combination of strawberries, watermelon, and grapes.

Mandarin Orange Tips and Hints
Cooking tips, hints, and substitutions for mandarin oranges.

Mandarin Oranges Recipes and Cooking Information
Mandarin oranges are little segments of bright citrus flavor suitable for salads, vegetables, main dishes and, of course, desserts. Although mostly used in canned form, you may have eaten a fresh mandarin orange and not even realized it. Find out about the tangerine connection and try one of the many recipes.

Mango Cooking Tips and Hints
Mango Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn about the flavor, texture, and how to cook with mangos, including equivalents and substitutions.

Mango Recipes and Cooking Information
Exotic, practical and healthy? The mango is all this and more. Learn about the mango and give an exotic flair to your recipes.

Marmalade Recipes and Cooking Information
Marmalades usually begin with a citrus base, but many fruits can be added to pique the palate. Learn how to make homemade marmalade and how to use it in recipes. Perfect for kitchen gifts.

Marmalade Tips - Cooking with Marmalade
Citrus pith and seeds contain pectin to help gelling. Learn how to make and cook with marmalades.

Nut Recipes and Cooking Information
Articles on nuts include all you need to know about almonds, chesnuts, pecans, pistachios, peanut butter, walnuts, and more. Many recipes.

Olive Varieties - Types of olives
There are many varieties of olives. Learn about the most popular olive varieties.

Kiwifruit Recipes and Cooking Information
Kiwifruit may look unpalatable at first glance, but under that hairy brown exterior lies sheer heaven. Learn about the history of kiwifruit and how to use it in savory and sweet dishes. Many recipes.

Olives and Olive Oils Recipes and Cooking Information
Get up to date on the intriguing origins of this ancient fruit, plus recipes for brining your own at home and using olives in a variety of dishes.

Papaya Cooking Tips
Fresh papaya enzymes can cause gelatin to fail. Learn how to cook with papayas.

Papaya Recipes and Cooking Information
Both ripe and unripe papayas make great dishes and do double-duty as a tenderizer in some recipes. Bring an exotic touch to both savory dishes and desserts with papayas with many recipes.

Peach Cooking Tips and Hints
Peach Cooking Tips and Hints. Learn how to easily peel peaches and other tips.

Peach Recipes and Cooking Information
Legend has it the peach grants health, virility and immortality to those who partake of it. A bit of an exaggeration perhaps, but there's no doubt about this luscious fruit's taste appeal. Try combining peaches with meats for a new taste sensation. Many recipes.

Peach Varieties
Peach Varieties - Learn about different varieties of peaches, and how nectarines relate to peaches.

Pineapple Cooking Tips
Pineapple enzymes work well in marinades but make gelatins fail. Learn more pineapple cooking tips.

It's not a pine nor an apple, and it's not native to Hawaii. The tantalizing sweet pineapple has wonderful tenderizing enzymes and goes especially well with pork, poultry, seafood, sweet-and-sour dishes, and of course, desserts.

Plum Recipes and Cooking Information
Enjoy plums in both sweet and savory dishes. Learn plum history, selection, storage, and usage. Many recipes.

Pomegranate Measures and Cooking Tips
Find out how many pomegranates you need for your recipes along with cooking tips.

Pomegranate Recipes and Cooking Information
Once you get past the multitude of seeds, pomegranate juice is tangy, sweet, rich and flavorful. This juice becomes the base for sauces and flavorings for drinks, savory dishes, and sweets.

Raisin Cooking Tips and Hints
Raisins can help extend bread life as a mold inhibitor. Learn raisin substitutions and cooking tips and hints.

Raisin Recipes and Cooking Information
We're all familiar with cakes, cookies and sweet breads bursting with juicy raisins or eating them just as a snack, but raisins are also good in savory foods. What's the difference between a currant and a sultana and how do raisins act as a preservative? Find out the answers and how to cook with raisins.

Raisin Varieties and Types
Seeded raisins do not have seeds. Find out why and learn about raisin varieties and types, including sultanas and currants.

Strawberry Recipes and Cooking Information
Strawberries are available pretty much year-round. Don't miss these recipes for not only some great desserts, but also some main dishes.

Types of Olive Oil
There are a number of types of olive oils. Learn how to choose the right olive oil for your recipes.

Watermelon Recipes and Cooking Information
Watermelons are a picnic favorite. Learn watermelon history, selection, storage, and usage. Cool off with a myriad of watermelon recipes.

Watermelon Varieties - Types of watermelon
Seedless watermelons are not really seedless. Learn about the different varieties and types of watermelons to use in your recipes.

What are Key Limes
Find out how the Key lime is different than regular Persian limes.

What are papayas? Tropical Fruits
What are papayas? This delicious tropical fruit may be eaten in savory dishes as well as desserts.

What are Persian Limes
Find out how the Persian lime is different than Key limes and which is more common.

What are raisins? Raisin History
What are raisins and where do they come from? Learn about the history and making of raisins.

What is a pineapple? Pineapple Facts
What is a pineapple? Pineapple plants are the only fruited bromeliad. Learn more about pineapple facts.

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