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Frittata Recipes

Frittatas are a type of omelet made with primarily eggs. They are fast and easy to whip up for a quick meal. It's a great way to stretch your food budget. Feel free to experiment with these frittata recipes.
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All About Frittatas
Frittatas can make a satisfying meal for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. Before trying your hand at experimenting with the many frittata recipes, check out these cooking tips.

Asparagus, Mushroom, and Tomato Frittata Recipe
Try this flavorful frittata loaded with vegetables and protein. It is low in calories and fast to make for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Caputo's Black Truffle Frittata Recipe
Potatoes, black truffles, and prosciutto make this simple frittata fancy enough for a special meal. If you cannot afford to take out a mortgage to buy black truffles, try substituting porcini mushrooms.

Colorful Frittata Recipe
Colorful frittata is loaded with mushrooms, broccoli, ham, and Cheddar cheese. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do not worry about precise measurements with the vegetables, and feel free to substitute your favorite veggies. Turkey ham or chunk tuna may be substituted for the ham.

Frittata Ranchera Recipe
Great for breakfast, brunch, or even dinner, this ranch-style frittata is a meal in one. Serve with fresh fruit on the side.

Greek Scramble Recipe
Fresh herbs, spinach, and feta cheese give this egg scramble a Greek flavor. Good for breakfast but hearty enough for an evening meal.

Herb Frittata Recipe
Adjust the flavor by choosing your own herbs for this simple frittata sparked with Parmesan cheese.

The frittata is an extremely tasty way to stretch eggs. Though most are savory, one can make a sweet frittata for dessert, and they were indeed quite common in the past. This sweet frittata is easy to do and quite quick.

Pasta Frittata Recipe
This frittata with pasta, green onions, bacon, and Fontina cheese is very close to the popular Olive Garden dish. The frittata is very easy to assemble and is baked in the oven. If you cannot eat traditional bacon, substitute turkey bacon with equal success. This is hearty enough for a main course or lunch when accompanied by a salad, and perhaps bread.

Potato and Caramelized Onion Frittata with Gorgonzola Recipe
Onions are carmelized to sweetness and mixed with potatoes and eggs, then topped with Gorgonzola cheese for a hearty frittata.

Roasted Chile Frittata Recipe
Roasted poblano chiles give a sweet, slightly spicy flavor to hearty cheese and egg frittata.

Southwest Potato Frittata Recipe
Corn, chiles, pimientos, and cilantro give a Southwestern flair to easy frittata. This dish is rich and hearty enough for a main meal.

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