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Squid and Calamari Selection and Storage

Fresh squid may be easily frozen


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Calamari / Squid

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Squid and Calamari Selection

For quick cooking, choose smaller squid with clear eyes and moist flesh. Smaller squid is more tender than the larger ones. The aroma of the seafood should be clean like the ocean with no strong, fishy smell.

Squid and Calamari Storage

Cover tightly and refrigerate in the coldest section or on a bed of ice. Fresh squid should be used within two days or cleaned and frozen immediately for later use. Fresh squid is most abundant during spring and summer.

To freeze, place cleaned squid in heavy duty plastic freezer bags, being sure to squeeze out all the air, and seal tightly. Use within two months.

If you don't have access to fresh squid, check the freezer section of your market. Cleaned, frozen squid is usually available, but you'll probably end up having to buy two to three pounds at a time.

Frozen calamari can easily be thawed under cold running water.

Cooked squid may be refrigerated in a tightly-sealed container for two to three days or frozen for two months.

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