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Mandarin Orange Selection and Storage

Fresh mandarin oranges are in season during winter and spring


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Mandarin Orange Selection & Storage

Depending on the variety, mandarin oranges are in season from November through June in the Northern hemisphere, with peak season being December and January.

Select fruits that are unblemished and heavy for their size. Avoid those with cuts, soft spots, or mold. Bright color is not necessarily an indication of quality as some are dyed and some naturally have green patches even when fully ripe.

They may be stored in a cool, dark spot for a few days, but ideally should be refrigerated to extend shelf life up to two weeks.

Canned Mandarin Oranges

Canned mandarin oranges are seedless, usually of the Satsuma variety. The fruit is peeled, separated into sections, membranes removed, and then canned in a light syrup. Store unopened cans on a cool shelf up to six months. Once opened, they should be refrigerated in a covered container and used within one week.

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