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Gravy Storage

Can gravy be frozen?


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Gravy Recipes and Tips

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Gravy Storage

Gravy begins to break down when held too long. Refrigerate promptly and use within two days. If you still have some left, the gravy can be boiled for 3 minutes to kill any bacteria, then stored another two days. You can use this process up to a week, but it is probably easier to freeze the gravy in manageable portions.

Flour-thickened gravy can be frozen in an airtight container up to four months. If you know you will be freezing gravy, try to use as little fat and milk as possible as they tend to separate when thawed. You can reduce the chances of separation greatly if you run the gravy quickly through a blender or food processor before freezing.

Cooked meats store and freeze better in their own gravy. The gravy keeps the meat from drying out. Use frozen meat and gravy combinations within 3 months.

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