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Ginger Selection and Storage

Fresh ginger may be frozen


Fresh ginger

Ginger Selection

Fresh ginger can be found in the produce section of most grocery stores. Look for smooth skin with a fresh, spicy fragrance. Tubers should be firm and feel heavy.

Long length is a sign of maturity, and mature rhizomes will be hotter and more fibrous. Avoid those with wrinkled flesh, as this is an indication of aged ginger past its prime.

Blue-Ring Ginger

If you notice a blue ring after slicing your fresh ginger, do not be alarmed. It is not mold or fungus. It is simply a Hawaiian variety of ginger known as blue-ring ginger or Chinese white ginger. Pat yourself on the back for your selection because this variety is considered to be superior for its juiciness and bright flavor. They are also larger rhizomes and generally cleaner. The only down-side is blue-ring ginger is usually more expensive.

Ginger Storage

Fresh, unpeeled root should be wrapped in paper towels, placed in a plastic bag and refrigerated up to three weeks. It may also be tightly wrapped and frozen up to two months. (To use frozen ginger, slice off a piece of unthawed root. Re-wrap unused portion tightly and return to the freezer.)

Peeled gingerroot may be stored in Madeira or Sherry wine in a glass container in the refrigerator up to three months. However, storing peeled ginger in wine will impart a wine flavor to the end ginger dish, so you may wish to forego this pre-prepared method for use in dishes where a wine flavor is not desirable.

Dried ginger should be kept in a cool, dark space in an airtight container.

Pickled and preserved ginger should be kept in their original containers in the refrigerator.

Store crystallized ginger in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to three months.

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